Chloë Thomas – eCommerce Tips To Reach Your Goals

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This episode is all about online retail and ecommerce tips to help you reach your goals.

In the first half of the episode, I’m sharing a bit about how online retail is changing retail in person. I’m also sharing three ways that you can adapt:

1. If you have an online ecommerce store you have to get to know your customers.

Survey them – what attracts them to your brand or products. Are they loyal? Some people purchase month after month or year after year. It will help you adapt and make changes to how you market your business.

2. Prepare for gift seasons.

This could be the holidays, birthdays, summer, depending on what kind of products you have. Know what your seasons are and prepare your promotions around those periods. This doesn’t always means discounts – but your campaigns, etc., and everything that would work for you business.

3. Be there when they come looking.

When it comes to online retail and ecommerce, it’s still a lot about search and search engines.

In the second half of today’s episode, we hear from Chloë Thomas, who’s been working ecommerce since 2003.

Off The Charts Business PodcastChloë points out that there’s a common disconnect with the way many of us approach our marketing.

She recommends that entrepreneurs – especially those in ecommerce – stop thinking marketing method first and application second. In other words, don’t approach your marketing with the thought “We have to do Facebook, email, or Instagram.”

Instead, think about what the problem is that needs fixing first! Is your problem that you’re not getting enough people to your website? Or is it that they’re not signing up for your business? Or is it that they’re buying once and not again?

Because depending on what your needs are, your methodology will change!

She also emphasizes the utmost importance of listening to your customer. The one thing in common about all businesses who are doing well is that they are listening to their customers. They’re building services, marketing, etc. that their customers are responding to.

It’s such solid advice, especially if you’re really focusing on making an ecommerce business succeed!

Take time to listen in to today’s episode to catch all of the great info we share.

More About Chloë Thomas

Author, International Speaker, and host of the eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast.

Chloë Thomas has been working in eCommerce since 2003, learning how to increase orders, up customer retention, and recruit new customers cost effectively. Working with businesses from the high street right down to start ups.

eCommerce MasterPlan is the result of Chloë’s years of experience, the books, blogs and courses have all been created to help eCommerce business owners and marketers to make the right decisions as they build their own path to eCommerce success. The eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast exists to bring a weekly dose of inspiration direct to the desks of eCommerce business people all over the globe.

Power Retail (Australia) named Chloë as one of the top 10 eCommerce commentators in the world, and within 6 months of launch the podcast was already the top eCommerce podcast in the UK.

Dana Malstaff – How Congruency Builds Your Business Movement

build your business movement

In this episode, we talk about how balance and congruency can help build your business movement and make amazing things happen…all with the wisdom and experience of Dana Malstaff.

Through the course of building a massively successful movement, Dana Malstaff came to terms with the fact that she couldn’t – and shouldn’t – try to do everything.

Off The Charts Business PodcastThis is a theme that we’ve seen with a lot of entrepreneurs: the developed ability to say “no” to some opportunities so that you have the time and freedom to say “yes” to the right ones.

And this is so important, especially for moms!

There’s a lot of competing priorities out there: family, kids, paying the bills…not to mention taking care of yourself!

By being super intentional about your no’s, you empower yourself to be super focused on your own brand and uniqueness. In the end, this is the real money-making potential behind your business.

But in this interview, Dana also shares that one of the facets of business she really had to embrace was making sure that everything in her business was congruent and connected. Her “no’s” gave her the ability to remain ultra-focused on bringing everything in her brand together in a super succinct way.

And it’s through this congruence and focus that the Boss Mom movement has been able to grow to such an amazing place.

So if you’re a mom, an entrepreneur, or both, be sure to tune in to this episode and definitely take time to become even more familiar with the Boss Mom movement!

More About Dana

Dana is a mother, author, business & content strategist, coach, podcaster, and blind spot reducer. Dana is the author of Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro, and the founder of the Boss Mom Movement. She serves Boss Moms who yearn for more time and less guilt when it comes to building their business and raising their family, by providing the tools they need to get more out of their content and business, without sacrificing their family goals.

When she is not creating new courses or building new strategy tools for creative entrepreneurs, she can be found, chasing her son on the beach, watching her daughter take her first steps, or thinking of the next fun new family adventure.

Growing a Million Dollar Business “On The Side” With Luisa Zhou

growing a million dollar business

Hey there, so glad you’re listening today! This episode with Luisa Zhou is all about focusing in and growing your business past that million dollar mark.

It’s kind of a mini case study of “what to do right” for your business!

Luisa Zhou is definitely a strong, multi-passionate woman. But even though she found herself with a desire to grow her business into a bunch of new directions, she realized that too much expansion can actually be a bad thing.

So instead, she opted to focus on one thing really well.

The lesson here is to simplify, simplify, simplify!

And I totally agree with her decision! Because at each stage of your business, there’s often a single goal that you should be focused on and striving towards. Your job is to figure our that one goal, eliminate distractions, and then make it happen.

After this fundamental lesson was applied to her business model, Luisa had the freedom to really dive into getting her next paying client…and it all snowballed from there.

So IF you find yourself relating to that term “multi-passionate,” Luisa Zhou is definitely an incredible woman to relate to.

Listen into this episode to hear more about her business lessons on growing a million dollar business on the side.

More About Luisa Zhou

Luisa is the founder of, which shows ambitious individuals how to use their skills and interests to build a business — that has the potential to generate 2x-10x their full-time salary.

Having started her third business while in a 9-5 and made $106K in sales in 4 months while working full-time, Luisa subsequently built it into a 7-figure business, making over $1.1M in sales within 11 months. / Through her work, she helps people overcome their fears and limitations to live the life they’ve hardly even dared to dream about.

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