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Does it feel like you’re on a treadmill trying to reach more of your ideal clients, not quite getting there but expending a ton of energy?

If you find yourself trying to think of ways to bring in more clients, wondering what the best way is to reach your target customer, and feeling at a loss with the millions of strategies out there… Keep reading, you’re not alone.

Maybe you have…

  • A website with an opt-in offer, but the subscribers aren’t lining up to join your email list?
  • An important message that you want to impart onto the world, but you’re not able to make the impact you want because no one knows about you?
  • Enough clients, but worry that if you were to get sick your entire operation would stop and you wouldn’t get any new clients?

There Is A Less Stressful Way To Run a Business…

And it starts with building an email list of subscribers who have raised their hands to hear from you, and who are interested in your products and services.

Here’s the basic formula for building such a list:


And we’ll go deep on each of these steps in this self-paced list building video training course. Here’s what each module looks like in more detail:

1. Research: Find Your Ideal Audience

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The exact places where your ideal audience hangs out, how to find them, and what to do after you have ‘em…
  • Easy research shortcuts that use your “competitors” to find your people FAST…
  • Best practices for tracking your list building progress, so you know where to invest your precious time and money…

2. Traffic: Invite Your Audience Over

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Which traffic strategies will work for your business/market, and how to implement them…
  • The biggest mistake most people make when gaining exposure to a new audience (hint: it’s painful to watch once you know it)…
  • Step by step directions for getting more exposure online, so you’re not stuck in “great, but how do I actually DO it?” mode…

3. Offer: Convert Your Visitors To Subscribers

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The key factors you need in place to ensure you’ll convert visitors into subscribers, so you’re not wasting your time getting traffic that just “floats by” with no results to show for it…
  • The top website plugins to use, so your website does all the work FOR you…
  • Why your web copy might be repelling ideal clients, and how to woo them instead…

4. Follow-Up: Get To Know Them & Repeat The Cycle

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The simple “no sweat” trick for getting your subscribers to build your list for you…
  • Why follow-up is the most neglected part of the list building process being taught, and how doing it right can add measurable dollars to your bottom line…
  • My 3 favorite methods for building a solid relationship with your subscribers, so they actually open your emails (that’s the point of building a list, right?)…

You get all of the above training, plus access to the Insiders Facebook Group, where you can ask me and other participants your questions, share brags, and help each other reach new audiences.


Money Back Guarantee 100%

Plus, You Get My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I want you to know I’ve got your best interest at heart, so I’ve put in place a 100% risk-free no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee. If this training isn’t the BEST strategic how-to on building your list, I don’t want to keep your money. Just email us and we’ll happily process your refund, no questions asked – so if you know it’s time to get that list going, go ahead and give it a try.

Expanding Your Reach and Building Your List Is A Profit Generating Activity In Your Business

There aren’t a lot of actions you can take in your business that will for sure make you more money. List building is one of them, because it allows you to market your products and services to more people, increase sales, and create more leverage.

If you’ve been wondering how to get more subscribers… or felt like your efforts so far have been ineffective then this self-paced video training program is about to change the game for you.

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“My income has more than doubled since hiring Nathalie!”


Nathalie sky-rocketed my online presence to include a site that is easy to update, a mailing list that is on automatic, and tons of time-savers and data-base builders!- all within a few weeks!

Nathalie is such a pro at explaining all the techy stuff in a simple way that I can understand. If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be stuck and pulling my hair out regarding anything tech-related.

-Christa Meola, Photographer & Owner http://ChristaMeola.com

“I got the same number of subscribers in just 2 weeks that it used to take 3 months to get!”


I need to confess that I have not been able to listen to the list building webinar in full yet but I did put into practice 2 of the 25 ideas and in 2 weeks I gained the same number of email subscribers that previously would have taken more than 3 months.

I haven’t even changed my offer yet (I will be doing a much better offer in the next 2 weeks) I can’t wait to take some time this week to finish it off and apply more of your ideas!

-Bernardo Mendez, http://www.YourGreatLifeTV.com/

“Nathalie’s products blew me away!”

Amy Lippmann

When I was looking to expand my knowledge in the area of list building and I knew Nathalie was the person I wanted to learn from. I don’t typically purchase information products because I am usually skeptical about how helpful they will be. Nathalie’s products blew me away. She teaches powerful strategies that are easy to implement. Her teaching style is very clear and fun! What I love is she doesn’t overwhelm you with every possible strategy; she just leaves in the most powerful ones and explains each one very clearly (including video demos of exactly what to do). It doesn’t get much better than that!

-Amy Lippmann, http://healthcoachva.com

“My site gets more subscribers!”


Nathalie is brilliant. I don’t know anyone else who combines that level of tech skill with great design sense, creativity, and online business savvy.

I’m thrilled with the result: my site looks better, loads faster, and gets more readers, comments, and subscribers.

Hire her now, because once word gets out about how good she is, she’ll have a year-long wait list.

-Laura Belgray, http://TalkingShrimp.com

“Game-changing nuggets that I haven’t heard anybody else talk about”


I’m just getting started with my online business (trying to learn as much as I can), and the confidence that Nathalie gives me is OUTSTANDING. I’m not talking about “you can do it” rah-rah confidence. I’m talking about real confidence founded on things that (a) work (b) I can actually DO.

Just listened to her latest traffic webinar: THANK YOU for making social media so simple and THANK YOU for 2 other game-changing nuggets that I haven’t heard anybody else talk about.

You rock.

-Mike Monroe, http://doiop.com/RoundTable

“In 2 weeks my list has grown 20%!”


Nathalie is great at creating screenshots and videos to translate “techy” things for those of us who aren’t so inclined.

After just 2 weeks with my new site, my list has grown 20%.

-Liz DiAlto, http://LizDialto.com

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