i029 Jenna Herbut – The Truth About Hiring & Systems

Jenna Herbut started off with a lot of different businesses. Then she moved it into the “Make It” world. It’s really cool to be able to share her story with you today.
Jenna Herbut hiring & systems
In this episode, Jenna shares with us all the real-deal truths about hiring & systems. This is something that’s hard for a lot of entrepreneurs to embrace, especially in the beginning…because you know you can do it all yourself and you might not have much money to throw around.

But, as Jenna shares, it’s important to stop trying to do everything yourself!

Being a one-woman show makes it really hard, if not impossible, to grow!

Hiring someone to work for your business really asks you to make a change in your mindset. It can be overwhelming and a leap of faith. After all, you’re letting a stranger into your business and paying them!

But once you start developing a team, it’s amazing what you can do!

Off The Charts Business PodcastThe other topic Jenna touches on is how she had to start getting organized, having a plan, and getting some systems in place.

She had to start working on her business instead of in it all the time. And that’s something that is so worth doing if you want to take your business to the next level.

Without a strong foundation, you’re not going to have a very strong structure. But if you put the effort into the infrastructure of your company, you set the stage to being able to grow a really massive empire. It’s going to be awesome and you can serve so many people as a result.

More About Jenna:

Jenna Herbut is the co-founder of the Make It Show, which is a biannual craft fair in Vancouver and Edmonton. The last event had over 250 artist, crafters and makers and attracted over 20,000 customers!

Jenna also has an online business program called Make It University to help creative entrepreneurs make a living doing what they love.

To help uncover the truth about what it takes to make it as an artist, she developed a web series called #MakeItTV. She also write about her own adventures on her blog www.jennaherbut.com and speaks regularly at conferences and workshops. When Jenna is not working show loves to travel, make things, learn stuff and giggle!

i028 Leonie Dawson – Right Brain Planning Her Way To Multiple Millions

Right Brain Planning

Today I get to chat with Leonie Dawson about her multi-million dollar business. I’m really excited because some of the wisdom she shares might come as a welcome surprise to heart-centered entrepreneurs.

In order to really amp up her business, Leonie shares that she had to give up…her email. With a booming business, it was actually a huge release for her to step away entirely from the customer support side and focus her efforts in other areas.

To be able to do this successfully, without sacrificing the needs of your customer, it’s important to put into place a full customer support system. By using project management software and empowering her team to take over all communications, Leonie ensured that her customers’ needs would continue to be met after she stepped away from emails.

In this interview, Leonie also shares about her right brain planning and why it’s so important to set real goals for your business … and revisit them often. One of the statistics she quotes is that 80% of people in the world don’t even think about goals. 16% do think of goals, but don’t write them down. A tiny 3% of people write their goals down, but then forget about them.

Statistically, only 1% write them down and revisit/review them on a consistent basis.

The highest achieving people in the world are in that 1%.

…I get chills just thinking about those statistics!

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with Leonie Dawson – definitely an amazing woman and an inspiration for those of us who are heart-centered and want to use our impact on the world in a more positive, sustainable way.

More About Leonie Dawson

Leonie Dawson is a self help author/artist/hippy who has also evolved into an entrepreneur + philanthropist. CEO of a million dollar a year company. Written two books, blogged for 8 years and created dozens of e-courses, workbooks and meditation kits. Founder of the Amazing Biz and Life Academy.coached tens of thousands of women to create their own incredible lives and businesses including crystal healers, celebrities, coaches, best-selling authors, award-winning singers, fitness experts, yoga teachers, multiple-six-figure entrepreneurs.

Previously worked as editor of business.gov.au the Australian Government’s portal for businesses. It also happened to win a United Nations award during my time there! I’ve worked in in the Minister’s Offices of Parliament House + been a top achieving economics + art history student at Australian National

i027 Jenn Scalia – Turn Off Distractions To Focus On Your Strengths


Growth attained from putting yourself out there is definitely a theme on the Off the Charts podcast. In this episode, we hear from Jenn Scalia who shares her top tips for showing up more confidently online.

The first step, of course, centers on turning off the distractions that can get in the way of your success. All of the daily noise generated from notifications, newsletters, emails, etc., has to be set aside. After all, the more we get lost in the “details,” the less energy we have for the projects that will actually move our business forward!

It’s so important to weed through the noise efficiently!  That could mean anything from creating inbox filters to having a team member take over your inbox entirely … whatever works to free up your brain so you can work on the other important things that have to get done.

In this interview, Jenn Scalia also shares that the step after eliminating distractions consists of playing to your strengths.

In other words, you need to discover your strong points – the things that can totally skyrocket you.  A good question to ask yourself here is: what can I do with my eyes closed?

If you’re not sure, create a list of the things that you like to do, get paid to do, or know you’re really good at.  You can also ask your friends, since a third-person perspective can be really revealing. Peer collaborations like this are essential to your success as an entrepreneur.

I really like the treasures that Jenn shares in this interview – she definitely hits on a lot of the key points that business owners like ourselves should be focusing on.

More about Jenn Scalia

Jenn Scalia is a visibility strategist for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. This self professed introvert and single mom went from rock bottom to creating a multi 6-­figure business.

Known for her tough love, no­-B.S. style, Jenn helps entrepreneurs overhaul their biggest fears and empowers them to share their message with the world.

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