#108 How To Design An Ecourse That Delivers Results

Off The Charts Business Podcast

Thinking about creating an ecourse? Here’s how to design one that delivers results…

How many ecourses have you bought that you still haven’t finished?

Come on, admit it… more than one, right? I’m guilty, too.

You don’t want any of the courses that you’re creating to fall into that category… So how do you design an ecourse that delivers results for your participants?

#107 Happiness and Success – Which One Comes First

Off The Charts Business Podcast

Happiness and Success – Which One Comes First

We’re taught from a young age that achieving specific milestones of success — getting good grades, getting into a great college, having a prestigious career, having a certain amount of money saved, living in the right house or neighborhood, marrying the right person, having talented or well-behaved kids, etc. — will make us happy.

Happy people tend to choose meaningful work and are more effective, productive, focused, creative and successful than unhappy people. Happy people also tend to create relationships that are far happier than those created by unhappy people.
If we are more financially successful and create healthier relationships when we are happy, the big question is: What creates happiness?

#106 How To Increase Margins In Your Business

Off The Charts Business Podcast

At the start of your business, you need to do what it takes to bring money in the door. You might try different business models, ideas, and projects.

As your business matures, you need to focus on keeping a larger piece of the pie… and that means increasing margins.

I’ve seen even smart business owners fall into the trap of constantly pursuing revenue growth, while expenses creep up on them. Sometimes even spending more than they earn, essentially working for free.

How To Get Over FOMO

FOMO: fear of missing out. You’re always going to see other people doing great things in their business or personal lives, especially in our hyper connected world. But let’s face it, the only way to move forward with your life is to put your blinders on because you can’t be in several places at any… Continue Reading

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