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Hiring For Small Business – What You Need To Do First

When I first started my online business, I couldn’t imagine myself having employees or even contractors working for me. I thought I’d be a solopreneur enjoying the work from home lifestyle forever, but the reality is that having a team of outside contractors can help shortcut your business’ growth and save time. And sometimes investing…

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How To Live and Work Anywhere

I’m really grateful that I’m able to live and work anywhere because of the business structures I’ve put in place. Photo credit In the past few months I’ve traveled to: Austin, Texas Los Angeles, California Carmel By The Sea, California Portland, Oregon And New York City 4 times (is it any wonder I’m relocating there?)…

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How to Collaborate Online

Photo credit Collaboration is the name of the game, but the question is do we really know how to collaborate online? I always like to look at how things used to be before the advent of the Internet. Back in the day, if you wanted to collaborate with someone on a project, you would show…

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