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How To Sell: Even If You’re Not a Polished Salesperson

Today we’re talking about how to sell even if you’re not a polished salesperson. Learning how to sell is important no matter what business you’re in… yes, even if you got into business because you don’t really want to talk to people and you prefer to spend time alone in your home office. I don’t…

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Lucky Bitch Review: Lucky Bitch By Denise Duffield-Thomas

In my many years as an entrepreneur and operating within the information product world, I’ve bought my fair share of programs and products. There are very few programs that I recommend and stand behind fully, but sometimes there’s a blockbuster of a course that changes the way I do business or live my life. Denise…

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Entrepreneurial Pricing: Advice That Works

When you’re first starting out online, it can be tough deciding on an entrepreneurial pricing strategy for your products and services. So today we’re talking about how to choose what price you should be charging, and whether you should be displaying your prices on your website or not. Entrepreneurial Pricing Advice What To Consider As…

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