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#120 Jon from Betterment on Planning for Retirement

Today we have a very special episode because I have invited Jon Stein, the CEO and founder of Betterment to be with us today. He’s going to be answering the question I posed to him which is “How can a small business owner start to save and prepare for retirement?” I think this is an important topic that a…

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#119 How Your Kolbe Results Help You Work Better

Today I’m gonna be sharing with you a tool that has helped me and my team collaborate better than ever. This tool is the KOLBE assessment. You can go to to take your own test. This is not a free tool, but it only takes 10 minutes and you may be surprised by the results. There are a lot…

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How to Share Files Between Computers

Do you have more than one device or machine, and just want to share files between computers in a seamless way? Great! Because this free program I’m about to share is the easiest way I know of to sync files between computers, iPads, and other mobile devices. The best part is that you can share…

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