Site Credits

This business building and website creating thing takes a village. I’m extremely grateful for the people who make it all possible – from the incredible entrepreneurs in our community to the team who helped create this website.



Christa Meola Pictures: the majority of the photos used on this website were taken by the incredibly talented Christa Meola. She truly has a gift in helping uncover the different sides of a woman, from the smart book-worm, the edgy punk, the confident business woman, and the fun in between.

Kelley Bruso: memories and photos from the Off The Charts Live event were captured by Kelley Bruso. Kelley captured the energy of our events for the world to see, and she made everyone the star.


Natasha Lakos: the original design and branding for this site was co-created by the incredible Natasha Lakos. She set the tone for this business and brand like a true professional!

Alison Leipzig Design: the Off The Charts Live and Launch It and Profit branding and design came from the amazing Alison Leipzig. She’s also rocking her body confidence business these days!


Lauren Forest: some of our sales messages were lovingly written by Lauren Forest. She’s a word perfectionist, and she helped us get the right words to describe the transformation our products and service can deliver.

Hillary Weiss: our Off The Charts Live copy was carefully crafted by Hillary Weiss to explain the depth of transformation you can experience in just two power packed days. She’s a dynamo!

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Other Recommended Talent

If these incredible folks are booked, then you might consider these clients, friends, and peers to help you with your website, branding, and copy.