Education and Entrepreneurship for Girls Around The World

I’m proud to be participating in The Girl Effect Blogging Campaign.

Why Educate Girls?

“When a girl in the developing world receives seven or more years of education, she marries four years later and has 2.2
fewer children.”

When women and girls earn income, they reinvest 90 percent of it into their families, as compared to only 30 to 40
percent for a man.

How I feel about girls, education, and entrepreneurship

I have to say that there is no greater untapped resource out there in the world than girls. The world is full of natural resources, and we might currently value gold or diamonds highly… But girls are the true gems.

Here’s the thing, I’m not suggesting that we exploit girls as if they were a diamond mine. That’s already been done, and it obviously doesn’t do anyone any good.

What I am suggesting is that girls are either being their amazing, creative, smart, nurturing, and world-changing selves… or they’re not being given the chance. Which would you prefer?

Lots of smart, contributing, responsible women leading the world into a more balanced healthy way of life. Yes, please.

That’s what the Girl Effect is all about, and it gives us all hope. Educated girls, entrepreneur girls, they all have the ability to change the direction the planet is headed in. For the better, and for everyone.

Check out The Girl Effect.

Or start a Kiva loan to a woman entrepreneur so she can teach her children about entrepreneurship, help educate them, and continue the cycle of good juju.

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