How to Outsource Technical Work – The Right Way

This week I’m talking about a topic that you’ll need to tackle one day soon enough as your business grows: how to outsource technical work. When it comes to outsourcing technical stuff, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go.

In today’s video I’ll talk about the three reasons why you need to understand technical stuff before you outsource it or hire it out.

How to Outsource Technical Work (and why you need to understand tech yourself first!)

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1. Learn the basics before you hire someone to do it for you.

One of the added benefits you might find on your journey to learning how to outsource technical work, is that you might be more than capable of doing the techy stuff yourself.

If you’re bootstrapping your business, it makes sense that learning how to do technical things in your business will save you money and give that sense of true accomplishment.

Obviously, as your business grows you’ll want to outsource and hire some of that work out.

2. Understanding technology helps you find the right person for the job.

When you’re interviewing potential candidates like virtual assistants or new technical team members, it helps if you can speak the language. You’ll be able to tell if the person you’re speaking to knows what they’re doing or not.

If you’re hiring a team to design a web site or set up some technical systems for your online business, for example, you’ll be able to understand the quotes you get and how much time will be involved.

You can also negotiate, and get a good feeling for how complex certain tasks will be.

3. Knowing how to double check the work is crucial when it comes to learning how to outsource technical work!

If you don’t understand the technologies you’re using in your business, how will you know if the people you outsource to are doing things the right way for your business?

It’s important to be able to double check their work, and to have intelligent conversations about what types of systems you’ll need in your business as it continues to grow.

Tips on How to Outsource Technical Work – Share Yours!

Okay, so now you understand why it’s important for you to brush up on your tech skills – even if you’re the business owner, and you still want to outsource the work.

Now head over to the comment section and let us know the tips and tricks you’ve learned from hiring and outsourcing your technical work!

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