What Do Successful People Do?

What Do Successful People Do

If you’re asking yourself the question: what do successful people do to achieve success, I’m about to dispel one of the big success myths out there, so keep reading.

In almost every interview I get asked “What was the one thing that made you successful?”… or the sister question: “If you had to give someone one recommendation for reaching six figures, what would it be?”

Every time I’m asked that question I come up with an answer, but I’m always left feeling like there’s a lot more that we need to investigate behind this question.

In my experience, it’s never just “one thing” that tips you into success.

What Do Successful People Do To Get Successful?

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What’s the alternative to that “one thing”?

Instead of looking for that “one thing” that you think might be the magic solution you’re looking for… whether it’s: working with a healer, going to the gym, joining a mastermind, hiring a coach, writing a manifesto, getting a new website, doing video interviews, hiring an assistant… the list is endless, because there are endless ways to succeed.

Everyone is on their own path, and you need to discover what will work for YOU.

It’s a decision that you make, to put “everything” behind your intention to succeed.

I’m a fan of formulas for things like search engine optimization, or other technical “systems” things that follow a pattern due to their nature. But even so, SEO might or might not be the “one thing” that will help your business break out.

So while everyone is out there talking about their “one thing”, I’d rather see you focus on discovering your own combination of steps.

What Do Successful People Do? Everything.

What exactly do I mean by “everything”? I mean go all in. Play full out. Don’t hold back, and put your heart into it.

It means that if you learn about 5 different ways to get new clients, you should try them all because you can’t know which ones will work for you and your business.

It also means that once you’ve found the thing that works for you, repeat it. Don’t keep searching once you’ve found it.

Sometimes we forget that we’ve already solved our problems.

I saw this especially when people would start eating healthier, and their energy would increase and their aches went away… but then they forgot what it was like before all of these changes, and went back to eating junk food, and every symptom came rushing back.

Be fully conscious and intentional in your business.

That’s how you’ll find the combination of “things” that will make you and the uniqueness that is you, successful.

Have An Experience Where You Went “All In” and Achieved Success?

I love seeing other people succeed and rock it in their businesses, so let’s start a sharing circle in the comments. What’s worked for you?

Was there a time where you put 100% of yourself into something and tipped into success?

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