My Word for 2011: Best

At the beginning of 2010 I stumbled across a simple but life changing concept. Choosing one word to guide your year, instead of making new year’s resolutions. I got the idea through Christine Kane’s word of the year discovery tool.

What word did I choose to guide 2010? Confidence.

What happened in 2010 that proved to me that choosing one word was the smartest thing I ever did to make my new year stress-free and productive? You can read my guest post at Christine’s blog here and find out.

What do you want for 2011?

I asked myself what I wanted for myself in 2011. Confidence in 2010 was exactly what I needed, and there was no doubt in my mind. This year I’ve thought through a lot of options, including words that I see as my “big vision” for myself.

In the end I couldn’t stop thinking of one word: best.

This year my guiding word will be best, and let me explain all the ways that I see this word impacting my decisions and actions.

2011 will the year…

  • Where I only work on projects where I am at my best, working in my zone of genius…
  • That I put forth my best work yet, with my best effort behind it…
  • That I have the best time in my business, personal life, and health…
  • When I will finally admit to myself that I am the best in the world at what I do, because there is no one else who is exactly like me…
  • That I choose to work only with the best clients, the best partners, and the best coaches…
  • Where I will treat my friends and family as the best friends and family I could ever have, because they are…
  • When I stop saying yes to requests that are not the best fit for both myself and the inquirer…
  • That I will sharpen my skills, talents, and passions to truly become the best I can be at what I do…

Wow, that’s a little scary…

Okay, so writing down all the ways that I can foresee how the word “Best” will be making an impact on me this year was a little scary. But I know that I’ve got the confidence to make it all happen.

No matter what word you choose, it should take you out of your comfort zone in one way or another.

Now I’m curious, what word will be guiding you into 2011?

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