Hi, I'm Nathalie Lussier

I'm a writer, technologist, and regenerative farmer.

For over two decades, I’ve been championing people’s ambitions on the web.

First, as a web designer, digital strategist, and then startup founder.

Today I’m interested in redefining ambition, so it’s on your terms.

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We all have big dreams.

I’m here to help you achieve yours.

Yet, I believe many of us chase dreams that aren’t ours because we think we “should” be, do, or have certain things to be successful.

Ever since turning down a prestigious job offer on Wall Street after graduating from college, I’ve been on a mission to de-program myself from societal peer pressure.

So I started my first digital business and learned a ton, but realized this was my “training ground” and wasn’t the ultimate destination.

From there, I’ve continued to iterate and deepen my body of work, including coming back to my software engineering roots and founding AccessAlly.

Choosing to move to a small farm to raise chickens, ducks, geese, and sheep might not add up with the rest of the equation.

But it’s exactly the thing that made me and my family happy and grounded.

The dreams that come from within and don’t fit on a career ladder.

If you want to have a life that brings fulfillment without the constant chase for “more, more, more” then I’m your girl.

I’ll show you how to turn your gifts into a successful and sustainable business on your terms.

I’ll also share the experiences, tools, and insights to help you get there faster.

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After struggling with my online course plugin, I teamed up with my husband to develop AccessAlly.

It’s the WordPress plugin for coaches who do so much more than coaching.

AccessAlly was born out of my frustration with the WordPress plugin we were using at the time: it couldn’t handle the traffic from our free 30 Day List Building Challenge.

So my developer husband and I coded a quick solution in one weekend.

Over time, we added more of the functionality we wanted for our online courses and memberships.

Soon, people started asking us what we were using to run our courses. That’s when we knew there was a product that could take on a life of its own.

In time, this project became our primary focus and we’ve been able to decentralize and champion online education and transformation ever since.

If you’re looking for the most flexible online course and membership solution that really “gets” how you do business, then check out AccessAlly.

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