Rewarding Failure & Why Women Don’t Brag

Maybe this story sounds familiar if you’re a woman in tech, or anyone who doesn’t fit the traditional mold in any given field.

In this episode, I share my experience with the “golden boys” I met at a party who were celebrating their software launch.

I was initially swept up by the hype, only to find out that their product was slow, buggy, and ultimately unusable.

 Later, I discovered that my own business, AccessAlly, was doing far better than theirs. 

This made me think about how women tend to hold back and wait until everything is perfect before putting themselves out there.

We might not brag as much as we should, even when we have a solid product or service. 

It’s important for women to own the value they create and not trivialize the coding side of any software company, as it’s a crucial aspect of the business.

I’ve learned a lot about running a 7-figure software company over the years.

I’ve learned that focusing on nurturing our customers and making our product better is the key to success. 

While I don’t attend many events or do much public speaking anymore, I invite you to share your thoughts on women and bragging in business. 

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