i021 Sarah Jenks – No More Waiting: Going For Your Business Dreams


Many entrepreneurs are the face of their brand. But it can be really tough to put yourself out there – especially if there’s stuff you think can be improved. In this episode of Off the Charts, Sarah Jenks shares her secrets to overcoming this challenge and boldly pursuing her business dreams.

When she first launched her signature program in 2012, Sarah Jenks, the face of her company, struggled with her body image. Little things like gaining a few pounds would lead her to cancel photo shoots, essentially putting her whole business on hold.

This is definitely a lesson for all women in business: don’t ever let yourself wait on any external things before you take your business to new heights!

Sarah had to make the decision to put herself out there regardless of whether or not she felt good about her body that day, realizing that her business dreams couldn’t be put at the mercy of her weight.

Sarah also shares that she chose to become involved with a community of other entrepreneurs. This gave her access to an incredible network of people who were willing to give her feedback – sometimes tough feedback – to help things gain traction and momentum.

Like Sarah, I’ve also found that pursuing my business dreams takes me on a personal journey that never ends.

After all, we’re never done with our inner work.

Joining a like-minded community is huge, especially as an entrepreneur.  After all, there are others who do understand your journey and can give you positive encouragement for your business dreams when you need it. Making the decision to become involved with people who will help you design the business that’s right for you and your lifestyle might just be the pivoting point that takes your business off the charts.

More About Sarah Jenks

As a full figured woman who struggled with her weight for years, Sarah Jenks finally found the key that all diets were missing.

After bouncing between fad diets and struggling with her body image, Sarah realized she had been “waiting on the weight” – waiting to be thin before she: got the great job, the great wardrobe or the great relationship.

When Sarah stopped waiting on the weight, she finally did all the things that she had put on hold for years: going for her ideal job, flirting with her dream guy, going out dancing and living a fully engaged life.

In her words, the late night “pity snacking” ceased with all the joy and activity this new lifestyle brought, and she naturally moved to her ideal body.

Sarah’s success in creating a happy lifestyle, which also resulted in a dramatic weight loss, is what led her to create Live More Weigh Less, now the most popular non-diet weight loss program on the internet. It’s not about cutting out crème brulee, it’s about embracing the life you want, right now.

Living a full, meaningful life is a great adventure; when you have adventure in your life, diving into a pint of ice cream seems a lot less exciting.

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