i019 Nathalie Doremieux – A Great Idea Isn’t Enough To Make It Big Online

In today’s Off the Charts episode, we get to hear some amazing tips from one of our AmbitionAlly Certified partners, Nathalie Doremieux.

Nathalie Doremieux - A Great Idea Isn't Enough To Make It Big Online

Nathalie Doremieux definitely shares my love for being a woman in the tech industry.  It’s exciting because technology is under a constant state of development – we don’t even know the amazing stuff that’s going to come out of it yet!  Technology is also empowering because it gives entrepreneurs the ability to bring a brick and mortar business online to reach more audiences.

I really like what Nathalie shares in this interview about the need for business owners to develop a solid online marketing strategy as well as a plan to implement it. Just having a cool product or service isn’t enough – you have to bring it to the right people who want it.

This marketing strategy can be defined by a set of goals that have to be reached. Each step you take in your business should be linked to your final goal. If the tasks you’re working on aren’t going to get you to your goals, you might have to step back and revaluate.

Of course, a large part of your ability to bring your business off the charts is your mindset. And someone who’s been in business as many years as Nathalie has can really speak to mindset.

The mindset of an entrepreneur has to be focused on wanting to add value. After all, you’re building relationships with clients – you’re not just in it to make a quick buck.

Nathalie and her husband Olivier have really exemplified this mindset beautifully in their business. As an AmbitionAlly Certified Partner, we hear over and over again how Nathalie’s clients love working with her and her husband.

I can definitely attest to her hard work, expertise, and awesome mentality.

More About Nathalie Doremieux

Nathalie Doremieux works with her husband Olivier Doremieux, and together they created the WPHelpClub where they work with clients on a wide range of strategic web projects.

Together they each have over 20 years of experience as Software Engineers and 9 years as Online Business owners, and they successfully built a multiple fix-figure business. They specialize in building complete solutions for the online marketing world, and enjoy working on projects from A to Z.

Nathalie and Olivier love to consult with their clients to build an online marketing strategy to reach their goals. They’ll also build your opt-ins, free video series delivery, full website, and program sales pages from a development perspective. They can design lead generation and sales funnels using the most popular list management systems such as Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Aweber and Mailchimp (and more!). Plus, they’re experts at setting up e-courses, membership sites and learning platforms.

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