i#004 – Tara Gentile – How To Go From Solopreneur To Business Owner With This Mindset Shift

In this episode, I get to ask my friend and colleague Tara McMullin what helped her go from solopreneur to real deal business owner… and the answers might surprise you.

One of the things that I’ve learned in my years of running a business, is that there’s a constant evolution. Whether you’re testing out a different service offering or creating a new product, or you’re trying on a new way of thinking, things are likely changing behind the scenes.

Going From Solopreneur To Business Owner

That’s why I loved hearing what made the biggest difference in Tara’s business, as she’s personally evolved over the years.

I’ve known Tara now for many years, and I’ve loved watching her business grow and transform, too. Tara went from working in a book store, to getting involved in the hand made revolution… then jumping into digital publishing with her first book, and creating digital training programs and offering coaching.

Now she works with other business owners to help them do what she’s done: go from the “doer” to the business owner, in many aspects on their businesses by becoming an executive.

“It Takes Money To Make Money…”

If you’ve heard the phrase “it takes money to make money” and you wondered how this applies to small business, then you’ll love how Tara flips this around.

You’ll see how Tara’s been able to invest into her business using smart strategies, to help her business grow… and in such a way that she’s been able to earn more income personally, as well. This is the type of stuff that gets overlooked, and can lead to unsustainable business growth, if you’re not doing it right.

More About Tara…

Tara McMullin is a business strategist and the author of What Works. She works with entrepreneurs and idea people to help them leverage their Quiet Power and build businesses that generate wealth, peace, and ease. Her clients learn to lead themselves and their businesses based on what makes them most effective and compelling.

Tara’s work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Design*Sponge, and in theNew York Times bestselling book The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. She’s a regular instructor on CreativeLive and speaks on entrepreneurship, money, and the New Economy all over the world.

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