How to Generate and Capture The Best Ideas Every Day

how to generate and capture the best ideas every day

This episode is all about how to capture your best ideas for business… and I’m sharing with you my latest project that’s designed to help!

It’s all founded on the belief that: Ideas are a natural resource. The more ideas you come up with and use, the more ideas you get.

Of course this only works if you can capture your best ideas AND execute on them.

Inside this episode, I’m going in-depth through the 7 best ways for how to capture your best ideas, and the simple paper planner that can help:

1: Designate A Place to Capture Your Best Ideas

Ideas need a place to live, just like all of us. If you don’t have a designated spot for them to “land” when they appear, they’re likely to float back to where they came from.

2: Keep An Idea Alive Long Enough To Write It Down

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a great idea comes to me when I’m away from my “idea capture space.” Like in the shower, while I’m walking around or driving, or having a conversation with someone. So I’ve got a few memory tips to share that can help you remember the ideas until you have a chance to jot them down!

3: Use an electronic capture device like “voice to text” on your phone

One of my best tricks for how to capture your best ideas is really to use what you have access to. For many of us that means a phone or other electronic device. Simply hit “record” on your phone or tablet and explain your idea.

4: Unblock Yourself Creatively Through Movement

Maybe you’re not be the type of person who gets blocked creatively… maybe you have TOO many ideas.

But it’s possible for all of us to get stuck in an idea rut and to feel creatively blocked…or to get the same kinds of ideas over and over, instead of fresh new ones.

That’s where moving your body comes to the rescue!

We’re not just brains attached to a body that “does nothing.” Our entire body has cells and receptors that can help you generate ideas. That’s why taking a walk, going for a swim, and carrying something heavy can stimulate new ways of thinking.

5: Work Through an Ideation Process to Generate and Capture Related Ideas

Sometimes the first idea you get isn’t the one you end up executing on. (Sad, but true!)

That means that having an ideation process that you can work through after you get that first stroke of genius is important. This takes you from the initial “good idea” to the refining and validating stages.

It’s useful to look at the existing ecosystem that you want your idea to enter into…

6: Empty Your Idea Tank Each Day

As a creative entrepreneur, falling asleep can be tricky when there are a lot of thoughts and ideas going through your mind…

That’s why I recommend doing a brain dump of thoughts, tasks, and ideas every day. The more often you clear your mind, the better you’re able to generate and act on your ideas.

7: Keep a Pen and Paper Next to Your Bed For Late Night Inspiration

If you frequently get great ideas before you fall asleep, in the middle of the night, or around nap time… you might also know that these are the ideas that tend to disappear most easily (hello, slumber!).

So the solution here is to keep a pen and paper next to your bed to capture these best ideas as they pop up.

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