Hiring the Right Team Before Baby Comes

Hey there! This episode is a continuation of our Business and Babies series where I’m joined with my business ally, husband, and co-parent, Robin Li.

In this episode, we discuss hiring the right team and having everyone prepped and ready before our baby arrived this spring.

hiring the right team before baby comes

Hiring The Right Team: An Inflexible Deadline

Hiring for a baby is the same as when your business is growing and you have to start delegating things to other team members…but the deadline is very firm.

So there are two areas that you can really look at if you’re wondering how to begin the hiring process:

  1. What You’re Not Good At – Robin and I are both introverts, so we’d rather stay behind the scenes and don’t particularly enjoy managing the team. When prepping for our baby, we decided to remove this stress by hiring a project manager who would be able to support the team super well.
  2. What You Want To Do More Of – I enjoy writing and strategizing, but my hours are limited (even more so after baby!) so we decided to hire a writer. Now I can branch out and write even more material that’s super focused on our clients.

Another question to ask yourself is: Am I the bottleneck in any way, shape, or form in my business? If you are, that’s definitely a good place to hire!

How to Cast The Net & Find Your Employees

We’re pretty lucky because all of our team members are virtual and work from home. This gives us access to people really all over the world.

But there’s a few things to have set up before you advertise the description:

  • Define the role – it’s helpful to list a series of “success” criteria that are based on revenue generators for your business.
  • Write a job description – include your personality and business culture to attract the type of people who would enjoy working for you.
  • Have a good process for filtering people out – this will save you so much time and headache when the applications start rolling in.

Lesson We Learned In Hiring

In this episode, we also share some of the lessons we’ve learned in hiring people throughout the years, such as the need to hold out of the right person and the importance of planning ahead.

But if you’re ready to add the right person to your team, this episode is perfect for yoU!

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