Carrie Green – Behind the scenes of building a successful membership site with over 4000 members

building a successful membership site

Carrie Green is an amazing entrepreneur…and someone I’m so proud to be able to talk to on this week’s Off the Charts episode. Today, we’re talking all about what it looks like to be behind the scenes of building a successful membership site with over 4,000 members. So tune in!

Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, shares a bit about her background and the path that took her from her first business in college to where she is today.

Her words totally speak to my own experience and feelings of isolation, especially in the early years of running my own business. So if you’ve ever found yourself asking “Where are the people out there that are like me?” Carrie’s story definitely helps to pinpoint the solution.

We also chat about the challenges of growing a unique business, the marketing strategies she used, and how feelings can really make or break your message.

Off The Charts Business PodcastAnd in the final portion of the interview, Carrie dives into what prompted her to create her own membership site … and how one simple tip from her coach was key in a surplus of new membership signups. And since her membership site currently houses over four thousand members, her words are definitely worth

Carrie already has an amazing legacy of brilliance and persistence, which is even more accessible now with the upcoming release of her brand new book She Means Business. (Check it out here!)

More About Carrie Green

Carrie Green is an amazing entrepreneur and the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, which has over 400,000 women involved from all over the world and she also has a private group members club of 4000 women entrepreneurs. Her new book She Means Business is currently available for pre-order.

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