Structure, Sweetness, and Space with Briana Borten

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This interview with Brianna Borten is totally amazing; it’s all about peace, purpose, and getting stuff done in your business. Take time to listen in and discover how developing a balanced life can help you both personally and in your venture as an entrepreneur.

Developing Your Business Organically

One thing I really love about Briana’s story is that it demonstrates a slow and organic success. I think that, especially in the world of online business, we can get so caught up in stories that advertise a 6-month journey to 6-figure income. And suddenly, we find that we’ve lost sight of what it actually means to grow a business.

But in Briana’s case, she “grew” from a single spa location to a holistic lifestyle approach to life. Her business encompasses the interior and exterior life of the human person.

Through this journey, Briana has been able to dive deeper into her passion of helping others to live a more peaceful and balanced life.

Focusing On Your Big “Why”

balanced lifeOne huge reminder that I got out of this interview was that it’s worth re-focusing yourself on the big, underlying why of your business.

Briana shares that her why consists of this: “We really believe we can create a more peaceful world while creating more peaceful individuals.”

She’s been able to see and connect with the impact that her business has on the world at large. This realization – that she can make a difference – gets her through the challenging times.

On Working With A Spouse

Briana and her husband Dr. Peter Borten are co-owners to their business…but it wasn’t always the case! Listen to this interview to hear how they’ve been able to make it work. She also shares why their unique arrangement has really helped them to grow in leaps and bounds.

Learn More About The Well Life

Briana Borten is such an incredible woman and entrepreneur!

If you’re interested in learning more about what she does, take the time to pre-order her new book The Well Life. This book really hones in on her philosophy for living a peaceful, balanced life…and can help you re-discover the gift of your own life, too!

Even with a healthy body and mind, life can still feel like a struggle. We may find ourselves stuck in discouraging circumstances, always reacting and keeping up, rather than shaping our life as we’d like it to be. A truly well life goes beyond usual measures of health. It includes qualities such as:

  • Feeling light and at ease when we’re challenged
  • Having plenty of healthy, loving relationships
  • Using our gifts and doing meaningful work
  • Enjoying ample income, laughter, and play

In The Well Life, you’ll learn how to transform yourself and your life through healthy Structure, Sweetness and Space.

  • Structure will allow you to manage your life and achieve your goals without feeling overwhelmed
  • Sweetness will feed your body, mind and soul
  • Space will give you inspiration, peace and the ability to connect and grow

By balancing these elements, you will be able to let go of the stress and tension that gets in the way of being happy, authentic and fully present—living The Well Life.

Preorder the book here.

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