#125 Rebellious List Building: Try The Reverse Opt-In


Off The Charts Business PodcastHave you ever looked at what everyone else is doing and thought there must be a different way…

Maybe you’re like me, and you can get a little rebellious when it comes to commonplace marketing advice.

When everyone else is zigging, it makes sense to zag.

That’s exactly what this counter-intuitive tribe building and email list growing technique is all about.

It’s what I like to call “The Reverse Opt-in.” It’s unconventional and perhaps a little risky… but it can totally pay off.

Instead of requiring an opt-in to get to the reward, consider giving people the reward first.

Sounds crazy, right? But believe it or not — it works!

Not only will people be more willing to hand over their email address, but you’ll also end up attracting and keeping the customers who are the best fit for your business’s niche — and that means >more valuable leads.

In this episode, I’ll teach you how “The Reverse Opt-in” differs from more traditional squeeze pages and lead generation techniques, and I’ll also help you determine whether it’s the right approach for your next list building campaign.