#124 Stop Stealing From Yourself & Get Creative

Off The Charts Business Podcast

We all know stealing is wrong — but you may have done it yourself without even realizing it.

In this episode, I want to bring up a rather controversial subject. I shared this story a few months ago in my newsletter, and it got people a little bit riled up.

I want to elevate the conversation around plagiarism.

I think it’s important to discuss this topic because it’s something that a lot of us can probably relate to — whether we’ve been the perpetrators or the victims. After all, we’re all human beings who make mistakes.

Today, I’ll share with you my own experience with plagiarism — particularly how I learned that plagiarism wasn’t as simple as copying and pasting. Reusing someone else’s original idea — even if you put your own spin on it or rephrase it using your own words — can be an act of stealing.

Taking credit for others’ work is not okay. Not only does it hurt the original creator, but creating original content is actually better for your own business.

So how can we, as business owners, respect others’ intellectual property and protect our own? And how does stealing ideas and materials actually hurt your own business?

Listen in as I tackle this tough topic, and learn why it never pays to steal.