#104 How To Design Membership Sites That Rock

Off The Charts Business Podcast

We run a pretty successful membership site… in fact, “what membership site plugin are you using?” is one of the most common questions we get. It’s not surprising, because we designed this membership site plugin ourselves since we couldn’t find the functionality that we were looking for out on the digital shelves.

Now we’ve made our own WordPress and Infusionsoft plugin available, it’s called AccessAlly and you can check it out in action by going to the 30 Day List Building Challenge, for free.

So what makes a rocking membership website? There are a few key things that we’ll cover in this episode of Off The Charts, but the main ones are ease of use and custom design that matches your branding.

I also believe that having just one place for all of your customers to go to access your online courses is key to both happy customers and more sales, too.

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I’m the founder of a tech startup called AccessAlly, a powerful course and membership platform for coaching industry leaders.

I’m also the creator of the free 30 Day List Building Challenge:

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Digital + physical books to help you create and sell your course like a pro:

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