#099 What To Do When It Feels Like Square One Again

Off The Charts Business Podcast

When it feels like square one again in your business, what do you do? Often it’s easy to feel discouraged, as it seems you have taken all these steps and gone nowhere. Well, I am here to share with you why being back in square one in your business is a good thing.

Recently I was having lunch with a few of my entrepreneur friend’s and one shared how she had made all of these changes in her business over the years, but recently has gotten back to the way she was originally running her business. At the time I was feeling the same way, and just feeling stuck.

Just then one of our other friends said something that rocked my world, “You are never at the same place in your business, because life is like a spiral and even though you are at the same part of the circle, you are at a much higher place.”

Since that discussion I have been sharing this idea of the spiral staircase with others to help them see that the changes and experiences are part of the evolution of our businesses. So take a look at the subtle differences in your life, and share this concept with your friends to help them see how the experiences of life make each of you even better at what you do.

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