#058: 13 Things I Learned From Earning Over 1 Million Dollars In My Business Over 5 Years

Off The Charts Business Podcast

I’ve been in business for over 5 years, and have had more than $1 million dollars of turnover in that time period, so I decided that it was time to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned. My business has been silently earning over 1 million dollars over the years, and it’s mind boggling!

Most of this income has come in the more recent years, but I’m tapping into lessons from early on and things that I’m still learning today.

One of the things that really bugs me about the online business teaching world is that you only see the “overnight success stories” but you don’t see all the trials and obstacles that people had to overcome to get there.

So today I’m breaking down some of the things I learned along the way, in the hopes that it will shave off some of your learning curve so you can reach your business goals faster!

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