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#006: Are you giving away too much free content?

In episode 6 of the Off The Charts Business Podcast, we look at the myth of free content. It’s a common misconception that if you give away some of your best content for free… you’re going to make fewer sales or get fewer clients. In reality, it’s the opposite. The more high value stuff you…

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#005: How To Network With Influential People

In episode 5 of the Off The Charts Business Podcast, we look at what you can do to get on influential peoples’ radar. No matter where you’re at on your business journey, you’ve probably looked around your industry at some point and wondered how to network with influential people… I know I have, and most…

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Built To Sell book

#004: 5 Minute Book Review Built To Sell

In episode 4 of the podcast, I introduce the Off The Charts 5 Minute Book Review series. I read a lot of business and self development books and I love to share what I like about particular books that have an impact. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Subscribe via RSS (non iTunes) Subscribe on…

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#003: Busyness: It Doesn’t Make For Good Business

In episode 3 of the Off The Charts Business Podcast, we look at how being busy can give the illusion of progress. Why did you start a business? It likely wasn’t to spend your days feeling busy and stressed out… But it’s really easy for us to fall into the busy trap. Being busy is…

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#002: Can’t Pick a Niche? There’s Another Way

In episode 2 of the podcast, we look at figuring out your niche. Can’t decide on a niche? Are you doomed, or is there another way? If you’re a coach, and you’re not sure how to come up with your marketing niche… I have something that might help you stop spinning in circles, so you…

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#001: How To Sell Even if You’re Not a Polished Salesperson

Welcome to the Off The Charts Business Podcast! In our first episode, we’re talking about how to sell even if you’re not a polished salesperson. Learning how to sell is important no matter what business you’re in… yes, even if you got into business because you don’t really want to talk to people and you…

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