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The Idea Succession Dynamic™ and Closing Loops

In this episode, I’m talking about why it’s so important to close loops in your business. I also talk about what that process might look like. Many of us are very creative, idea-focused entrepreneurs. We’re really great at creating amazing products, services, and tools.  But sometimes, you just have to step back and take a… Continue Reading

How to Generate and Capture The Best Ideas Every Day

This episode is all about how to capture your best ideas for business… and I’m sharing with you my latest project that’s designed to help! It’s all founded on the belief that: Ideas are a natural resource. The more ideas you come up with and use, the more ideas you get. Of course this only… Continue Reading

When Is It Time To Let Go Of an Unprofitable Idea?

In today’s episode, we’re talking about unprofitable ideas. Those tricky products, projects, or ideas that just don’t seem to be taking off like you expected or hoped. And more specifically, we’re addressing how to know when you should stick it out…and when it’s time to just let go and move on. In our society, we… Continue Reading

Nicole Roberts Jones: The 17 Year, Overnight Success

Our guest today is Nicole Roberts Jones, who shares her 17-year journey to becoming an overnight success. I really love Nicole’s story because it’s full of realism and practical considerations.  Although she’d been an entrepreneur for 23 years, it took Nicole 17 of those years to actually start turning a profit. What finally changed? Nicole realized that a… Continue Reading

How Client Avatars Can Sabotage Your Marketing

Hey there, and welcome to today’s Off The Charts episode! We are diving into customer avatars and the reasons why they might actually sabotage your marketing, instead of helping you discover and meet up with your ideal clients. Our guest is Hillary Rubin, a wonderful entrepreneur who’s focused on helping other professionals really learn the… Continue Reading

Mindset Shifts To Land Bigger Clients With Melinda Chen

This is a really fun Off the Charts podcast episode – because we get to hear from Melinda Chen, and it’s all about the mindset shifts needed to land bigger clients for your business. Melinda Chen has been in corporate sales for 15 years… but it wasn’t something that she was really good at, at… Continue Reading

Chloë Thomas – eCommerce Tips To Reach Your Goals

This episode is all about online retail and ecommerce tips to help you reach your goals. In the first half of the episode, I’m sharing a bit about how online retail is changing retail in person. I’m also sharing three ways that you can adapt: 1. If you have an online ecommerce store you have… Continue Reading

Dana Malstaff – How Congruency Builds Your Business Movement

In this episode, we talk about how balance and congruency can help build your business movement and make amazing things happen…all with the wisdom and experience of Dana Malstaff. Through the course of building a massively successful movement, Dana Malstaff came to terms with the fact that she couldn’t – and shouldn’t – try to… Continue Reading

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