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Marie Forleo B-School Cost & The Evolution Of B-School (A Review)

If you’re reading this post it’s because you want to know what Marie Forleo’s B-School costs. I totally get it, and I’m going to tell you what the price of the program is, along with a quick trip down memory lane and the evolution of B-School over the past few years.

The reason I’m starting with a Marie Forleo B-School review is that I often have clients and readers who look at someone like me or Marie, and compare themselves.

It’s easy to look at someone’s polished website and videos, like the ones from B-School, and say… “Oh, I’ll never be able to get there!” Or worse, to compare yourself and think that it’s not worth starting down this entrepreneurship path because you’re not coming out of the gate super polished.

As you’ll see, Marie and her team have evolved a whole lot over the past few years, and the brand has changed quite a bit too. So it’s totally okay to start with where you are right now, and grow your own brand and business over time!

You should also note that it’s extremely rare to see an online course or program that has had the longevity of Marie Forleo’s B-School… not to mention the success rates of its’ participants.

Year 1 – Laura Roeder and Marie Forleo partner to create the first round of B-School, under the Rich, Happy, and Hot brand umbrella

Marie Forleo B-School Cost

This is the first year of the program, and a few hundred students are enrolled inside B-School. The course is a huge success, and the marketing materials for the launch break all the rules, proving that online marketing is one thing these two women know a lot about.

Year 2 – Laura and Marie repeat the B-School program again, this time with all new marketing materials and dance videos

Marie forleo laura roeder bschool

This second round of the program was a collaboration between both Laura and Marie’s teams, and was the first million dollar launch of B-School. Over a thousand students are enrolled, and the B-School program is quickly gaining momentum! The B-School launch becomes known for having lots of elaborate dance videos, and really adding a lot of fun to the sales process.

The results from year 1 and year 2 grads are pouring in, and these early pioneers are creating their own massively successful businesses left and right.

Year 3 – Marie and Laura part amicably and B-School comes under the Marie Forleo brand

After having two powerhouse women business owners working together with different visions, we see the marketing materials for B-School heading in a new, more serious direction with Marie Forleo taking the helm.

The course content itself is fully re-mastered and new guest teachers are invited into the program. They include Nathalie Lussier at the technical helm (that’s me!), Amy Porterfield talking about social media, Melissa Cassera covering PR, and Derek Halpern talking about conversions.

More B-Schoolers join the program than ever before, and the community inside B-School starts to take on a life of its own… and offers limitless opportunities to do business with other like minded entrepreneurs.

The Marie Forleo B-School cost and price stays constant throughout the different iterations of the course, and each person who joins gets lifetime access to the program. That means those who joined in year 1 and 2 have been going through the updated materials each year, and getting ahead in their businesses faster and more easily with each iteration.

Year 4 – The official Marie Forleo B-School course comes out, dropping associations with the Rich, Happy, and Hot brand

Marie forleo bschool cost

This year, the addition of the Start The Right Business module helps brand new business owners get started inside B-School. This is also the start of the Live Your Dream campaign.

Once again Marie Forleo and her team take their marketing skills to the next level, with a story focused mini-site that showcases all the success stories of past B-School graduates. The level of sophistication and large-scale organization required to pull off such a heart-felt human-focused marketing campaign is bar none.


I’m honored to be included as one of the Live Your Dream stories, along with my location independent digital strategy multi-six-figure business.

Marieforleo bschool

Year 5 – 2014 Marie Forleo’s B-School cost stays the same, and the program takes on a new more in-depth marketing feel that appeals to both men and women

Although men were always welcome inside the B-School program, this year the marketing materials are fully gender-neutral, and more success stories from the XY chromosomes side of the fence are included.

There’s also a brand new guide for physical product businesses, designed to help those who want to market their goods online even if they don’t have a service or digital product based business.

The bottom line? Each year, Marie Forleo B-School gets even better than the last. From the content inside the course, the community support that only gets better from year to year, and the ongoing additions for different types of business owners… it’s an incredible program, and enrollment is only open once per year.

2016 marie forleo bschool review

Year 6 – 2015 Marie Forleo’s B-School Videos Take Center Stage

This year Marie and the team focused a lot more on video… specifically more “real world” video. You’ll see more videos of Marie with her partner Josh and dog Kuma, along with more video testimonials from B-School graduates.

Forleo b school pricing

Year 7 – 2016 Marie Forleo’s B-School Members Area Gets a Makeover

Every year, Marie Forleo’s B-School gets better! And this year was no exception, with a brand new members area with an improved user experience, new content, and so much more. As you can see, the brand continues to evolve too!

Marie forleo b school payment plans

Year 8 – 2017 Marie Forleo’s B-School Program Review

As we look back over the years, it’s clear that the team and Marie herself have continued to evolve and get better at delivering life changing training to thousands of students all over the world.

Now as part of B-School, there are mentor coaches that are there to help participants get the most out of the program and get answers to their specific questions. Marie and team have really pulled out all the stops to entrepreneurial success!

2018 bschool price

Year 9 – 2018 Registration Opens on February 20th, 2018 and closes on March 1st, 2018

Evolution of bschool

Now the big question on your mind is still going to be what’s the price of Marie Forleo’s B-School program? And I want to make sure that you understand the value of the course itself, the invaluable community and built-in marketplace, and access to Marie Forleo’s know-how are all worth thousands of dollars more than the price of the course.

So here it is, the Marie Forleo B-School price to enroll is $1999. And it’s worth every penny, I know because I’ve invested upwards of $50,000 in my marketing education and $1999 is way more affordable than getting an MBA or a college degree that’s not kept up to date with the changes in the online marketing landscape.

You can either pay in full for $1999 or choose the extended payment plan at $199 per month. If you choose the payment plan, your payments will be automatically charged on the same date of the month every month. Again, they do not have any special payment plans outside of what is offered.

I understand that B-school is an investment, and that it’s a big step to take on a course like this.

Every year I put together a super helpful set of bonuses to help you get the most out of B-school, so make sure to check back here when enrollment opens in 2019!

B-School is currently closed for enrollment! Get on the waiting list here:

If I Had To Start My Business Over Again From Scratch In 2018

If I had to start my business over from scratch

The online business marketplace has changed… things that were hard in 2009 are now much easier. Things that used to cost a lot to set up can now be done for less, and faster, too.

And the education you need to run a business in this quickly changing environment is also different.

If I had to start my business over from scratch (with none of my existing resources, skills, or experience) this is how I’d allocate my time and budget…

Some of my recommendations link to affiliate resources, which means I may earn a commission if you decide to sign up through my links (at no additional cost to you). I’m not recommending anything that I haven’t personally used or benefitted from, and that’s the whole point of this post: to share exactly what I would invest in again!

Why learn from me and my experience? I’m Nathalie Lussier, and I’ve been running a successful online business for nearly 10 years, and my business has generated millions of dollars, and now employs a full-time team as we continue to scale.

In short: I’ve been around the block, I know what works, and I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs move past the “tricky startup stage” and into profitable six and seven figure business models.

Let’s look at how I’d approach starting a business from scratch in 2018.

Investing in tech

#1 The tech stuff I’d invest in first

Since we’re talking about online business here, many of us jump into what tech tools and systems we need to make our businesses fly online. What’s great is that many of these tools are more affordable than they were when I was getting started, and they’ve gotten much easier to use, too.

Quality website hosting + a domain name

The first thing I would do if I were starting an online business from scratch today is invest in high quality website hosting and get my own domain name.

I’ve been on my fair share of inexpensive hosts that lead to “hacks” and malware being installed on your website. 

Trust me: you don’t want to waste your precious time as a startup entrepreneur dealing with this type of stuff.

When it comes to a domain name, I think there are still quite a few good options for “.com” names. But if yours is taken, you can always choose a different type of domain.

I would still pick my name as my domain; throughout all the years, it’s the one thing that has stayed constant in my business… Even though I’ve launched AmbitionAlly, I still use this domain as my hub.

A customizable website platform

Next, I’d choose to set up my domain and hosting on the WordPress platform. Yes, there are a lot more options today (like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and the list goes on) but I still believe that WordPress is the platform of choice for serious business owners.

Customizable WordPress Site

With WordPress you can install any number of add ons and have the exact functionality you’re looking for (and will grow into, trust me!) without sacrificing on style.

Plus, WordPress is an open source piece of software, which means that you’re not at the mercy of one specific company if ever they decide to stop developing the code. It’s here to stay!

On top of the functional plugins that you can install on a WordPress website, there’s also a thriving community of designers and developers who are constantly creating new themes for you to use on WordPress.

This means that you can tap into an existing “look and feel” for your website (without having to hire a designer) or you can go for something totally custom. If you’re choosing the customized route, it’s either a matter of learning how to work within a theme framework to change colors and fonts and upload your images, or of working with a professional designer on your branding.

When I started my business I used an “off the shelf” theme for my WordPress website and made some tweaks so it looked a little more “me”. But If I were starting my business from scratch today, I’d invest in a beautiful yet simple theme framework like Beaver Builder and tweak it to suit my tastes. Then, I’d focus on the next steps…

Pro Tip: I’d only go back to my site’s design and hire a professional designer for a website revision after I’d made some money in my business.

Tools to help me build my email list faster

If I were starting my email list from zero again, I’d want the best tools on my side to help get some subscribers onto my email list… and automate my follow-up, so these new subscribers can become customers sooner rather than later.

I’d likely sign up for a Drip email automation account (free up to 100 contacts) or ConvertKit account because these both have the most room for growth and automation.

But if my budget was a little tighter, then I’d set up a MailChimp account to help me manage my email list, since it’s free for the first few thousand subscribers.

Then I’d want to get my WordPress website set up to convert visitors into subscribers, starting with a polite popup plugin, and that’s where PopupAlly Pro comes in. I would set up a few different opt-in forms, from a “below the blog post” opt-in, to a a call to action box at the top of the site… and of course a polite opt-in, too.

Since I’m just starting from scratch, I might not have anything to offer in exchange for someone’s name and email… and I’d want to spend some time creating a good “freebie” gift, so I would just set up these opt-ins to offer a free live webinar.

Using a Webinar As a Tool

I’d give myself about 20 days from putting up my website to hosting my first webinar. This would give me time to get slides ready, and get some feedback from potential customers. This way, the webinar would have the right content for the type of customer I want to attract.

With an inexpensive tool like WebinarJam, I could start collecting email addresses from day one.

After the live webinar, I would use the recording as my list-building giveaway, until I had a chance to create or find a more ideal opt-in gift. (Or run a second, more polished version of the webinar.)

The benefit of using a webinar like this as my opt-in from day one, is that I could start list building right away… and get instant feedback from people attending the webinar on whether or not I was on the right track with my content. I might even get my idea for my “real” opt-in gift during the webinar!

If you’re not up for doing a webinar, you could create a simple 1-page opt-in PDF that gives people a shortcut related to your topic of expertise.

Education I'd invest in

#2 The business education I’d tap into

I took a look at all of the online courses I’ve purchased over the years (and tallied up how much I’ve invested…well into the multiple 5-figures, ouch!). It gave me time to really think about which ones were beneficial – and which ones I’d want to invest in again.

Some of these courses have been around for awhile, others are newer, and some are really specific to the type of business you might want to create:

Marie Forleo’s B-School

Marie forleo b school 2016

One of the first courses I would want to take again if I were starting my business from scratch is Marie Forleo’s B-School. I have a full review of Marie Forleo’s B-School program here, but here’s the short form version:

I really believe that there are core foundations that every business needs in order to be successful.

Of course you can learn bits and pieces of these concepts for free on blogs across the web (many of the people sharing these ideas might be B-School grads themselves).

But there’s nothing like a cohesive step-by-step process for putting together your virtual business plan from someone who runs a really successful business.

I also believe that the B-School community is bar-none. It’s full of supportive men and women who are there to learn alongside you and cheer you on.

Although the group is much bigger today than when I first joined B-School a few years ago, I still think that there’s a lot of value in putting yourself in a group of motivated individuals who will cheer you on and help answer your questions along the way.

Click here to see what I’m offering as a bonus for anyone who signs up for B-School now until March 1st, 2018.

Amy Porterfield’s Webinars That Convert

If you want to create and sell information products or consulting, you’ll benefit from learning how to put together really enticing and educational webinar presentations.

That’s where Amy Porterfield’s Webinars That Convert program comes in. She’s essentially written the book on what it takes to create stunning presentations that get people to say “yes.” She’s also put together a great set of webinar slide templates and sequences that encourage people to attend your webinar live -or purchase afterward, if they weren’t able to attend.

Starting from scratch, this would be my go-to resource, and I’d soak it up like a sponge.

Specific Trainings Based On What I Need Next

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that you can easily spread yourself too thin when it comes to learning online marketing “tactics”. That’s why I’m not recommending a TON of different programs in this section. It’s also why I wouldn’t try to bite off more than I could chew if I was starting my business from scratch.

I would, however, think through what my overall strategy was for my business…

For example, if I knew that my main form of content marketing was going to be a podcast, then I’d want to learn everything there is to know about starting a successful podcast.

If I knew that I wanted to focus on driving traffic to my website using Facebook ads, then I’d want to sign up for a Facebook ads specific program.

Similarly, if I wanted to go “all in” on writing amazing blog posts that rank well for the search engines, I’d learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO). The same goes for learning about affiliate marketing, or publishing a book on Kindle.

All of these are topics that you can learn in a fairly condensed amount of time, so you can be on your way and implementing as soon as possible.

Entrepreneurial events

#3 The events I’d attend

If there’s one thing that has really helped my business grow faster, it’s putting myself in a room with other go-getting entrepreneurs. There’s also something really powerful about taking some time out of your every-day routine to attend a conference or an event.

A lot of the events that I personally attended are either no longer being run, or the crowd has changed a lot since I attended and isn’t as entrepreneurially focused. So I did a little digging, and these are the conferences that I’d personally want to attend if I were starting my business over from scratch again:

Note: If you don’t see an event that speaks to you, I recommend doing some research locally to see what events might be coming to a town near you that focus on business, social media, or technology – these tend to attract the type of people that you’ll want to get to know.

The Conference For Women

I’ve never attended one of these events, but it’s been on my list to go for years. I think there are a lot of movers and shakers in attendance. Plus, it’s great to meet other women entrepreneurs or those who are also juggling a “side business” with their full-time work.


South By Southwest Interactive is a massive event that attracts a really wide range of innovators and businesses. I attended this conference in my second year of business, and the people I met there were pivotal in helping to change my thinking and get more exposure. One tip: find out who you want to connect with before attending, since it is such a big event you can get lost in the crowd easily.

World Domination Summit

This is another fairly large event that tends to attract a wide range of people, most of whom are into travel or living an alternative lifestyle. There’s definitely an entrepreneurial “follow your dreams” focus. Again, you’ll want to scope out who else is going so you can make connections before you arrive. I’ve spoken at WDS and met amazing people I am still friends with today.

Digital Marketer’s Traffic & Conversion Summit

If you’re looking for a more deep dive into the digital marketing space, this is an advanced conference where you’ll meet a lot of already successful online business owners. If I were attending as a brand new business owner, it might feel like drinking from the firehose – but the people you’ll meet and the ideas you’ll gain will be priceless.

WordCamp and PodCamp

I love both of these events because they’re really accessible; there are WordCamp and PodCamp conferences being held across the world. I’ve spoken at both of these conferences, and I think the people you’ll meet can become longtime friends and potentially even clients depending on your business. There’s a wide range of attendees from experts and business owners to people who love WordPress and new media as a hobby.

How to spend time

#4 What I Would Focus My Time On

I’ve talked about the various investments I’d make in my website, my education, and networking with the right people… But back home sitting alone at my computer, what would I focus my time on to get my business going successfully?

Find My “Magic Sauce” And Start Offering A Service

Many people who want to start an online business think they should create an online course or an ebook as one of their first offerings.

But in my experience, it’s MUCH easier to start building your business by offering a service that fits within your “zone of genius”. Of course, starting from scratch, I might not know exactly what my skill set really is and what people might be willing to hire me for.

In that case, I would write down everything that comes naturally for me, what I can spend hours on end doing without getting tired, and what my childhood hobbies or obsessions were.

Then I’d see if there are any patterns, noticing if there’s an intersection between what I’m really good at and what other people might need help with. In my case, that’s coming up with ideas and strategy (I used to come up with business ideas as a kid), and techy website stuff (I started making websites when I was 12 years old).

I would stay away from starting a business based “on my passions,” because one thing I’ve learned over the years is that I can get really passionate about topics for months (or even years) at a time, but these don’t tend to make the best long-term businesses. Eventually, I do lose steam.

Focusing on a skill or something that you’re great at is a much better long-term plan for building a successful business!

Get Clear On Where My Ideal Clients Are

Now that I’ve got a good idea of what I could offer as a service, whether it’s something in the realm of coaching or consulting, or “done for you” type stuff… I need to make sure that it’s something that people are looking for, and willing to pay for.

That’s where gaining clarity about who your ideal clients are and where they tend to hang out is important. You need to be able to get in touch with them!

In my case, I might search Google with a few key words (web sites or business strategy) to see what top sites come up. I would also look for Facebook groups, forums, and other “hubs” where people congregate.

Just to get a really specific example going: if I were looking to offer a service to parents of twins on how to juggle two kids at once, I might look for “twin support groups” and get to know this community. I wouldn’t try to sell anything to this group of ideal clients, I would just observe for a few days to get a feel for the common frustrations and questions that come up.

Make Time To Talk To Potential Clients

I’d also see if anyone would be willing to chat with me on the phone. Then I could get to know them better and find out if my idea for a service is really something that’s needed.

When I was first starting out online, my instinct for creating a service or a product offering was to “look at what everyone else is doing” and do the same or a similar thing.

Big mistake!

You don’t know if what other coaches or people in your industry are doing is even working. And if it is working, it might be because of their “special zone of genius.” Or it might be because of the ideal clients they’ve attracted… who may not be the same as the ones you’re meant to serve.

So that’s why actually talking to a live human being about whether what you could do for them would be beneficial for them is so important.

Based on a few informal conversations, I would decide if I should to go ahead with my idea for my service, pick a price for it – and start offering it to people in this community.

Build My Email List

You know I love me some list building, and at this point, I’d have even more clarity about the topic and what to teach on the webinar for the opt-in (as mentioned above).

This is the time to begin looking at other ways to drive traffic and get exposure for the webinar. So that might be getting to know other influencers in my marketplace and asking them if they’d be willing to help spread the word. Or, it might be running a Facebook ad, writing a guest post for a popular website, or asking to be interviewed on someone else’s podcast. It would also be worth it to invite the people in the different groups and communities that I’ve been participating in to join me for the webinar.

Some of these things take time, but at least getting the ball rolling at this point would help me get some list building going so I would have a steady flow of potential clients for my service.

Crank Up The Marketing

After holding my first webinar and getting a few one-on-one clients for my service offering, I might have a handful of people on my list (maybe 30 or 100). This gives me some feedback to work off of.

If I hadn’t gotten a nibble on my service yet, I would know that I wasn’t on the right track with what I was offering, so I’d go back to the drawing board and get more feedback.

However, if things are starting to hum a little – I have to get really clear on what worked to get those clients and start repeating it. If talking to someone on the phone resulted in a client signing up, then I’d want to book more introductory phone calls. If it was the webinar that got me clients, I’d do more webinars.

If people found me through my guest post or Facebook ads, I’d do more of those.

Online business

#5 What Next?

Now you might be wondering… if you’re starting an online business, why the focus on starting with a service before getting into creating and launching an online course or membership site?

That’s because it’s much easier to start earning an income from a service during the early days when you don’t have an audience to sell a program or a course to yet.

Once you’ve made your first few hundred or thousand dollars, then you also have more capital to re-invest into your business. This will enable you to hire some help, get some of the necessary tools to run a course, and also have a better understanding of what your market wants. After all, if you’re putting time and resources into creating an online course, you want it to be the RIGHT course.

So That’s How I’d Start My Business Over In 2018…

Now you’ve read about how I’d go about starting my business from scratch again in 2018. 

I didn’t talk about all the things I tried (that failed miserably!) or all of the ways that 2009 made starting up harder… But if you want a guide to help you start your business or take an existing business online this year, then I’d love to help you do it.

Best Planner for Entrepreneurs [Updated Nov 2017]

12+ Of the Best Planners for Creative Entrepreneurs with a Vision |

Confession time… I’m totally a notebook-a-holic, paper planner aficionado, and workbook addict.

I’ve tried a ton of them, and this is not a new theme in my life…

My mom has pictures of me carrying a bag full of mini diaries, post it note packs, and ruled notebooks when I was just a toddler. I wouldn’t let anyone throw out or touch my paper products, and when we moved into our house my mom mailed me all of my paper addiction “collection”.

My paper planner addiction took on a more “serious” role when I became an entrepreneur, because I had a reason to use all of these awesome productivity tools I kept finding.

And I’m always open to trying a new type of notebook, too. My husband has to steer me away from the paper aisles at Target, and I avoid shopping when it’s “back to school” time because I will end up bringing home more paper products than I can use.

Over the years, I’ve tried a ton of different entrepreneurial paper planners, so with the new year around the corner I thought I’d do a full on review.
Best planner for entrepreneurs

Choosing The Right System For You

Now I need to say that none of these are products that you absolutely NEED to have. That might sound weird, but from my personal experience it’s not so much about which notebook or planner you use… As much as actually using it on a daily basis to get stuff done that really matters.

So please take this side by side planner comparison as a fun way to pick a helpful tool for your year… And not as a “silver bullet” that will change your life.

Yes, if you pick one of these and you end up putting it to good use you will most definitely have a productive year and get a ton of amazing traction in your business.

But that will be because YOU made it happen. You just happened to have a cool and motivating sidekick notebook to make it easier. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission for recommending them, but I would be sharing this review with you regardless of the affiliate links.

So with that caveat out of the way, let’s take a look at these pretty planners, shall we?

Rituals for living dreambook

1. Briana Borten’s Rituals For Living Dreambook

A few years back my friend Briana held a successful kick starter campaign to produce her Rituals For Living Dreambook, and I think it’s just gorgeous.

This is a combination life planner for the big things you want to accomplish in the next 1, 5, and 10 years… and a system for breaking it down into smaller chunks that you can take action on week after week.

I like how there’s an emphasis on doing something fun for yourself each week, giving gratitude for the amazingness in your life, and also picking only 3 top priorities per week. The size of the planner is also great, small enough to carry with you, but it carries enough gravitas to make you heed your dreams.

Who it’s for: This dream book is most definitely ideal for entrepreneurs, and while it’s not a daily planner it will give you clarity on a weekly basis to move toward your goals. Oh, and there is a daily planner option / addon you can check out, too!

Daily Greatness Planner

2. Daily Greatness Business Planner

I finally got to play with the Daily Greatness planner, and it’s been an amazing way to think through business decisions and think big.

What I like about it is that it’s an un-dated yearly planner, so you can start using it anytime (no need to wait for the new year!). It also includes finance and budget worksheets, quarterly goal setting pages. Plus there are specific prompts for daily, weekly and quarterly planning.

If you like to plan on paper, there’s a social media content planner section, the one-page business plan to keep you focused, and on-going check ins to keep you motivated throughout the year. They also offer non-business planners for your overall life goals, I have a feeling it’ll be the perfect fit for those looking for a colorful planning tool!

Who it’s for: The Daily Greatness company offers different journals and workbooks based on your needs, but I’m especially keen on the Business Planner for entrepreneurs. The books are colorful and flexible enough so you can be your own guru!

Desire Map Planner

3. Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner

There’s something to be said about zigging when everyone is zagging, and Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner does just that.

Instead of focusing only on your productivity and getting your “todo items done” each day, the Desire Map Planner has you looking at how you want to feel first.

Once you’ve gotten into the feelings that really light you up, you can take action in more aligned and soulful ways. This is awesome because as a Type A go-getter like many of us entrepreneurial ladies are, it’s nice to take a step back and remember why we’re doing all of this in the first place.

What I love about these planners is the beautiful cover designs, and the intentionality behind the method. There’s also a daily, weekly, and monthly spread which is awesome for keeping track of all your activities.

Who it’s for: Danielle designed this for entrepreneurs, but I think it suits anyone who wants to lean into their core desired feelings on a daily or weekly basis. It’s great if you’re ready for something a little different.

The Idea Planner

4. The Idea Sanctuary™ Ideabook

In 2017 I released my own paper planner for creative entrepreneurs with lots of ideas. This isn’t a weekly or yearly planner, rather it’s an idea planner.

The Idea Sanctuary™ Ideabook is a paper planner that focuses on bringing your best ideas to market, by helping you plan and take action. It helps you brainstorm, refine, and market your business ideas successfully.

It’s the exact process that I use to launch successful programs and ideas on a regular basis (having earned millions of dollars in my business with this process), including how to mind-map an idea, schedule a marketing campaign, and even write a sales page.

It’s 200 pages of idea-refining exercises, prompts, and step-by-step guidance to capture your best ideas and make them happen.

Who it’s for: This ideabook is for creative entrepreneurs who have a lot of ideas, and who need that safe space to explore them further and make them happen. It’s perfect if you’re just getting started in business, or for your next big breakthrough idea or project.

Strategic coach weekly planner

5. Strategic Coach’s Weekly Planner

This isn’t a weekly planner that you can just purchase, because you need to be a client of the Strategic Coach program (which is a yearly mastermind-style program that runs just under 5 figures per year)… But I wanted to include it here because I like to joke that it’s my most expensive paper planner.

One of the things I really like about this planner is that you start a new one every quarter, and there’s a big emphasis on celebrating your successes along the way.

There are also places to track the different tools that are specific to Strategic Coach, like splitting your days between Focus, Buffer, and Free Days.

Who it’s for: This weekly planner is only for Strategic Coach clients, but you can draw inspiration from their Positive Focus page and make reviewing your successes a habit. I really like that it condenses all the practices of the program into doable daily habits!

Day designer

6. Whitney English’s Day Designer

I first started using my Day Designer back in 2013 when Whitney English was a sponsor for our Off The Charts event. I fell in love with the impeccable design, the focus on the entrepreneur’s busy day… and the gorgeous daily quotes.

This daily planner is a beast because it includes one page per day, but this is great because it allows you to write down daily meetings right beside your daily to-do’s.

This was the first planner to offer such a simple and effective design, and it’s still a winner today. One drawback for myself personally is that I prefer to organize my meetings and calls via Google Calendar, and keep my paper planner for my own todo items.

Overall, I absolutely loved using this day designer and it definitely kept me on task and productive!

Who it’s for: Designed for busy creative entrepreneurs, it blends productivity and design beautifully… It’s one of those planners that you won’t want to get rid of, but it is pretty bulky so you won’t be carrying it around with you a lot if you travel often.

Simplified planner

7. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner

The next contender is very much on the same plane as the Day Designer, and it’s equally beautiful and practical. The Emily Ley Simplified Planner has a touch of whimsy and it’s won a couple of awards for design in the printed products industry.

I got whisked into the excitement last year because I couldn’t decide on which cover design I preferred (all so pretty!). I ended up not using the planner as much as I anticipated, despite the fact that it’s gorgeous, because of the small space for writing out tasks.

Just like the Day Designer, there’s a page per day which makes this a bulkier planner and you need to squeeze your meetings and calls beside your daily tasks.

The quotes and calendar are a nice perk, and it’s expertly designed and I hear this year the planners are a little lighter and more portable, too.

Who it’s for: From my understanding, this planner is more geared toward moms and busy ladies of any kind. It’s less entrepreneur focused, and it includes a spot to mark down what you’re making for dinner, too. These planners are gorgeous and very colorful!

Daily action planner

8. Savor The Success Daily Action Planner

This planner is good for the commitment-probes among us, because one planner only represents one month at a time. That means that you’re not tied to a planner for an entire year, which might suit you if you want to play the planner field a little.

This also makes this planner one of the more expensive options, since you’ll need to get 12 of them to cover your whole year. That being said, this action planner has a few features that make it stand out.

One of the things I love about it is the emphasis on writing down tasks for the week – and who you are delegating them to. This helps you offload or at least start to see how you can stop being the bottleneck in your business.

The other cool feature is the “outgoing ships” section, which is all about doing one small daily action that might bring back a cool opportunity.

My only complaint with this planner is that there isn’t a ton of space again to write down tasks, since it is a smaller planner and it tries to fit a ton of different types of things on each page.

Who it’s for: This paper planner is most definitely designed for entrepreneurs, and you can tell that it suits the creator’s workflow to a T. I recommend giving it a try if you’re looking to fine tune your daily planning and try something different.

Erin condren planner

9. Erin Condren’s Life Planner

This is one paper planner that I have yet to try, but have heard great things about. This one is ideal for you if you like having a weekly at-a-glance view of your calendar.

Personally, it reminds me of the types of agendas and planners that we had in our primary school years… and it doesn’t provide enough space to enter my daily tasks.

But I can see how it would be really beneficial for planning lots of different weekly events, so if your business has more of that type of flow (and you’re not on the Google Calendar train) then this might be a good option for you.

Who it’s for: I can see this planner being a life saver if you travel a lot and need to keep track of different appointments, important dates for launches, and really looking at things from an at-a-glance viewpoint. It could even make a great editorial calendar!

Passion planner

10. The Passion Planner

The Passion Planner is another kick starter success story, and I love the ethos behind the brand. It’s aimed at a more mainstream audience who are ready to embrace their passions and make a change to their daily lives.

The design shows a full week of days over two pages, which is a nice compromise from the full-on (and heavy!) daily planners out there… This gives you just enough space to write down all the meetings and calls you might have, with another section for your todo items in more detail below.

I do like how tasks can be broken down into personal and work, and how there’s a “top priority” and “errands” category, too.

Overall, I think it’s a fun and very usable planner with cute quotes and lots of function packed in. It doesn’t have the same design flair as some of the others, but it might just spark your passion!

Who it’s for: Ideal for anyone who wants to break down their bigger yearly or monthly goals into doable weekly action plans. It’s got a younger vibe and the founders are really passionate about what they’ve created.

Volt Planner

11. Ink + Volt Planner

This is a new planner that I discovered just last year, and they have both a dated version or an undated 6-month “start any time” version.

There are a few things that really made me enjoy using this weekly planner: it offers a monthly “30 day challenge” which is great for changing habits or going after bigger goals. It’s also got useful journaling prompts, and nudges you to review your monthly and yearly goals each week.

Plus, it has a great “2 in one” system where the first half of the notebook is your weekly planner and the second half is reserved for notes. I usually have two notebooks going at a time, and with the Volt Planner I’ve been able to reduce it down to just one. The only downside in my opinion is that it’s a no-frills black notebook, which isn’t as pretty or colorful as some of the other ones on this list.

Who it’s for: This planner is awesome for more corporate ladies who want some introspection along with their high-power goal achieving. I also think it’s perfect for you if you travel a lot, since you can have all of your important tasks and notes in one place.

Make your own daily planner

12. Blank Notebooks – Make Your Own!

Okay, now that we’ve looked at a ton of different options for planners and workbooks… let’s be honest here: if you’re reading this, you’re a highly creative entrepreneur and you might be hankering to make your own!

From some of my comments above, you might have guessed that I sometimes feel stifled by boxes that are too small for my tasks or that don’t necessarily focus on the things I want to focus on.

That’s where picking a pretty blank notebook comes in! Although a blank or lined notebook won’t have a calendar or other cool prompts, it does tend to bend to whatever planning system you prefer.

If you don’t quite know how to organize your tasks or todos, I recommend taking a look at the Bullet Journal.

Some of my favorite blank notebooks are spiral bound, so it’s super easy to keep my “today” page open and make notes about future days or review past weeks, too.

So what’s The Best Planner for Entrepreneurs? You Decide!

There’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to choosing the best planner for entrepreneurs, but I think each of these is a strong contender.

Now that I’ve shared my take on some of the top entrepreneurial paper planners out there, I want to know what you think!

I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know:

What’s your favorite notebook, planner, or organization system?

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