Infusionsoft vs Ontraport: The Ultimate Showdown

Infusionsoft vs Ontraport
Is it time to upgrade to Infusionsoft or Ontraport (formerly Office Auto Pilot)? Here’s my side by side comparison!

If you’ve been in business online for awhile, you might have reached a point where your current online marketing systems aren’t serving you as well as they used to.

Maybe you have more products and need to be able to segment your email lists better, or you’d like to automate different campaigns and track affiliate sales more effectively. Or, you’ve just got too many different systems cobbled together and things are falling through the cracks.

That’s where an all-in-one email and e-commerce platform, like Infusionsoft or Ontraport, comes in. Both of these systems require an investment of time and money to get set up so I want to give you my honest take on each one so you can make the right decision for you and your needs.

I’m an affiliate for these companies, which means I might earn a commission if you sign up through my link, at no additional cost to you.

That being said, I’ve had to make the decision about which of these systems to use for my own company, and I wish I had tried out both options or had someone on the inside before I made the leap.

These systems are more expensive and they offer a lot of great functionality, but there is no perfect system and they all have flaws. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles when it comes to software solutions.

If you’re also considering other marketing automation tools like ActiveCampaign, Drip, or ConvertKit you can read my full candid review here.

Pros and Cons of Infusionsoft vs Ontraport

Last updated in January 2018.

First, let’s look at Infusionsoft:

+ Great automation of campaigns, sequences, upsells and tagging of people based on their actions
+ All in one system that handles email marketing, e-commerce, affiliate orders
+ Customer relationship management for 1-1 sales processes, and communication in different formats like print or phone
+ You can use AccessAlly to design your membership area on WordPresss
+ Recently added a visual landing page builder, but it’s not as robust as Ontraport’s since it’s still new

– Email deliverability is spotty, and things can slow down as you add complexity
– Steep learning curve
– Big upfront sign up fee for training

To summarize Infusionsoft is great if you like having full control of how someone goes through your marketing funnels, and you’re willing to learn a new system.

We personally use Infusionsoft at my company, and we’ve been using it for many years now. The platform has changed a lot since we started using it, and it keeps improving and getting more sophisticated.

The learning curve can be tough if you’re not very technically savvy, but there are many Infusionsoft-trained consultants and assistants that you can hire.

Now, let’s take a look at Ontraport (formerly Office Auto Pilot):

+ Great email deliverability, and segmentation of people like in Infusionsoft
+ Recently added a visual campaign builder that rivals Infusionsoft’s in terms of visually reporting statistics
+ Free membership site plugin for WordPress sites to create a members only area for your customers, or if you’re looking for a PilotPress alternative you can also use AccessAlly now.
+ Handles email marketing, e-commerce, and affiliates all in one place
+ Customer relationship management for 1-1 sales processes
+ OntraPages landing page builder for opt-in pages and sales page

– Affiliate tracking links don’t always work as expected and might not reflect clicks properly
Not as many integrations and plugins in the marketplace specifically for this platform because it is newer

To summarize Ontraport has great customer service, and is strong platform that has come a long way since I originally wrote this comparison. They’ve also been adding a ton of new features like ONTRAPages (landing page design) and more, so this is really just the beginning for Ontraport.

Decision making time…

While I can’t make the decision for you, I hope that now you have a better understanding of what each system is best used for, and which one you’ll want to investigate further.

In terms of when the right time to make the move is… I say before you’re ready. Because it takes awhile to make a big move to a new platform like this. I’ll also say that it’s best to be running from a profitable place, because these monthly fees are in the triple digits.

Take a look at both Infusionsoft and Ontraport’s websites and try their demos or talk to their representatives to get a feel for what they can offer.

What’s your take on Infusionsoft vs Ontraport?

Which system did you decide to go with in the battle of Infusionsoft vs Ontraport? What other questions do you have about these systems? Leave it in the comments below.


40 Responses to Infusionsoft vs Ontraport: The Ultimate Showdown

  1. What would you recommend for somebody who’s not ready for something as big as infusionsoft or ontraport? There are all kinds of companies like a Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc. From your experience who would you recommend until I was ready for the big boys?

  2. ONTRAPORT all the way because you can use an outside SMTP like send grid and keep your email deliverability sky high. With INFUSIONSOFT you share the IPS and at the end of the day I have to have email. Even a 1% drop in deliverability would cost me thousands in lost sales.

  3. I made the leap from a duct taped bunch of services to Ontraport a few months ago. Absolutely love the automation and control. Great customer service and I generally like the brand culture much better than Infusionsoft. I also read a few of the big names that switched from Infusionsoft to Ontraport (Marie Forleo, Brenden Bruchard, and I actually got an email from Jeff Walker last week that was “powered by Ontraport”)…and I think that it’s because Ontraport is getting closer and closer to where it needs to be from a UI standpoint.

    The only things I really want from Ontraport is a better email builder, form builder, and more integrations. Which I think all will come with time.

  4. We support clients that use Infusionsoft and Ontraport. At the end of the day, it boils down to what functionality you’re looking for. We have found some functions that seem pretty simple are not yet available in Ontraport, but will be some day. There are workarounds for those things, but again, just boils down to what each person is wanting as the end result.

    • I totally agree with you Jama, and thank you for chiming in with your experience! It would be simpler if there was one magic system that had everything everyone wanted, but sometimes you gotta go with your priorities. :)

  5. Nathalie – thanks for your insights. I’m not ready to make that jump yet, but hopefully it’ll be sooner than later. In answer to your other question, I’m interested in a discussion on solutions for doing my first online class. If possible, I’d love some suggestions on bootstrapping with free or low cost options to start out before getting to the more expensive platforms.

  6. Have you checked out Greenrope yet? It looks like it is in competition for Infusionsoft and Ontraport, but since I am totally new to this whole game and only just signed up for Aweber I don’t have the experience yet to make a comment. I do know that the reason I didn’t choose Mail Chimp was that I heard there can be as large as a 50% loss in your list because they will all have to opt back in when you switch over to something like Aweber or greater.

  7. There are a few other distinctions between 2 systems: like in ONTRAPORT your contacts are persons only (B2C), not companies, while in Infusionsoft you can organise the CRM part by companies (B2B) and run automation based on company too. You have a shopping cart functionality with Infusionsoft as well as order forms, and in ONTRAPORT it’s order forms only. It’s a lot easier to use Infusionsoft email and landing page builder at the moment, than ONTRAPORT – you are much more likely to need a web designer or add-on systems. In Infusionsoft there is the new campaign builder which helps to visualise the flow within automation campaigns, with ONTRAPORT you would need to use other process mapping systems. I support clients with both ONTRAPORT and Infusionsoft, but for my own business I use Infusionsoft now.

  8. I agree Tamara – if you are B2B then company level info is vital and Infusionsoft is currently the only one that supports this.

    On a smaller scale has anyone used simplero?

    • Kate, a big YES to Simplero! I’ve tried the Ontraport demo but went running right back to Simpero. Only disadvantages I could see to Simplero–no built-in split testing and no “one click” upsells. I would like these things but do not need them. Everything else is Simplero is so easy, clear, and well thought out.

    • Just switched from infusionsoft to simplero and I am in heaven. It’s like switching from a PC to a Mac. Beautiful, simple, pretty, easy. Less powerful, less options, but MUCH MORE FUN!

  9. Hi Nathalie:)
    and your video appeared like magic just when I needed it:) I have Ontraport and I’m loving it. Unfortunately my web developers seem to have problems in integrating a shopping cart that will integrate with Ontraport. We have a WordPress site and we need a shopping cart that allows us to select different dates & places available. One of the options is going to Infusionsoft but in reality we are happy with Ontraport and after all the work that we have done it would be a shame. Do you have any insight on this?

  10. This is timely, Nathalie. Thanks! Moving from our current setup at this time is not in the plan, but we anticipate doing so in the next few months. I’ve been interested in both options, so this post — as well as the comments — really helped to give me some things to think about in terms of our move. The idea of losing email deliverability doesn’t quite sit right, but neither does having an inaccurate record for our affiliate program. I look forward to seeing Ontraport’s growth in coming months. Maybe they will get that affiliate tracking issue you mentioned worked out.

  11. I think it’s clear which one really is the ‘best’ right now. Email deliverability is #1, if you don’t have that then why pay for something? Ontraports deliverability team works hard to keep their stuff in your inbox and it shows.

    I’ve been working with both systems for several years. Hands down Ontraport is where it’s at. I find the interface to be very intuitive and quite easy. The biggest thing for me? It doesn’t take extra steps to do stuff and has less quirks.

    It works really well, I’ve never had affiliate tracking issues except when integrating with LeadPages.

    For me having to pay a huge upfront cost for Infusionsoft isn’t a big deal, but it is when there is such a steep learning curve.

  12. For me it’s ONTRAPORT all the way. I started years ago with a SendPepper account and worked my way up to full on OP. I always encourage clients to start small with SendPepper if their just starting a list. It will make migrating so much easier than switching from a different platform.

    But what I really love about OP is the people. The team there is amazing and so passionate about what they do. Their Facebook group is monitored by the CEO as well as many other employees. So no question or problem goes unanswered. Any time I have an issue with my account or one of my clients’ accounts, OP is always on top of it and willing to help. They really have built a great community around their software.

    • Totally agree Neil. I started with SendPepper then upgraded to OP Basic once I needed some more features. I still don’t need the OP pro account yet. But I love that the one platform can offer a big range of different price levels and ease of upgrading – all I had to do was send a request and then wait for a response to say hey it’s done!

  13. Thank you so much for posting this! Very helpful and it clarifies many of the brand value differences I was sending between Ontraport and Infusionsoft.

  14. Is AccessAlly only available for InfusionSoft clients? I’m drawn to Ontraport, but am very intrigued by AccessAlly… Help!

    • Yes at the moment AccessAlly is only available for Infusionsoft, but we’re working on the Ontraport compatible version on our priority list next. So it’s coming! :)

      • Awesome Nathalie; thank you for your response!

        I am in B-School (where I “discovered” you and your husband’s work — only wish I had been aware of you two beforehand so I could get your affiliate offer!).

        As my company starts to implement what I’m gleaning from B-School, I’d really love to integrate AccessAlly because I have a strong feeling that will enable and energize us to start offering our material online sooner than later.

        Forgive me if these are somewhat obvious questions to you, but would it be foolish to start working with a developer before the Ontraport version of AccessAlly is ready if that’s the route we decide to go? Do I need someone who is versed in either of these before selecting a developer considering the learning curve you mention both systems entail?

  15. I took the considerable financial leap to Infusionsoft, and initially was impressed with their CRM options. I wanted to update my system from an email management client to a all-in-one shopping cart/CRM system, so Infusionsoft seemed more accessible for what I needed than Ontraport. Once I went down the rabbit hole, though, I was shocked at how unintuitive the interfaces were, the slowness of the system, the spottiness of the email (sometimes it’d be a speed demon, other times, I’m waiting for 3 hours). If you follow the prompts and the help files, I can guarantee you’ll end up at a time consuming dead end at some point. They’ve got their legacy system layered over their newer systems, with some things only available in legacy, so it’s trial and error for the user, which can be very frustrating. This mish-mosh creates distrust in the system. I don’t know if what I just set up is going to work–it tests okay, but then at times nothing happens. Trying to debug it has required professional help. Also, the initial package includes 8 weeks of phone coaching, which seems like a lot, but I quickly realized it’s not near enough, and I consider myself to be pretty bright and experienced online. All of this has been leading me to look for alternatives, but then I consider the hundreds of hours I’ve put into it, and, well, now I’m into Infusionsoft too far, for better or worse.

  16. I’m a go with Ontraport. The nice thing is you can start with Sendpepper and upgrade from there. This means new integration without starting over and a very subtle learning curve. I was using Ontraportand and was being prompted to make the switch to Infusionsoft. So for about 5 months I had both. There is a huge learning curve and always found myself getting lost. After 5 months I still did not have the system up and working to its full potential and that was while working with one of their coaching staff too.

  17. Hi there, I’m the CEO of ONTRAPORT and randomly stumbled across this post. Nice work here! Lots of great comments!

    Wanted to just chime in and mention that you’ll notice this post has no dates on it, and the information here is outdated.

    A couple of things that jumped out at me:

    1. Access Ally does indeed work with ONTRAPORT!

    2. There was a mention in the comments about our email and form builders, which have been completely revamped as of last October and are completely awesome.

    3. ONTRAPORT does indeed manage “company” or “account” relationships. We call them Custom Objects, and it’s a far more powerful system than you’ll find in any competitive solution because you can literally build your own new record types and relate them to existing ones, allowing you to create “companies” or anything else.. like “bids” or “classes” or “pets”, etc. This isn’t important for many users, but for those who need it, it’s game-changing.

    I’m sure there’s more, as we update the system very rapidly… pushing new code 2 or 3 times a week. Much more to come!

    Thanks again for the review!


    • Hey Landon! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, you’re absolutely right and I’m going to update this post to reflect the big changes that have been happening over at ONTRAPORT. :) Lots of love for what you’re creating!

  18. @Landon – should have put a date in your post… I thought the same thing… I don’t know if this article or comments are years old, months or weeks.

    Kind of frustrating … can’t find a date anywhere. In this day and time – 6 months might as well be 3 years.