WordPress Step By Step Video Training

It’s no secret that I love and recommend WordPress to all of my clients and readers. It’s a free open-source platform that’s widely supported and offers all of the functionality you could imagine, with none of the bulk because all of these add-ons come in the form of plugins.

If you’re new to this digital world, don’t worry because this resource will walk you through setting up via WordPress step by step video tutorials, links, and more.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). WordPress is a piece of software that you can install on your Web server, which will allow you to create any type of website. It is ideal for a number of different uses: blogs, portfolios, static brochure sites, informative content sites, book and product launch sites.

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Why Self-Hosted WordPress?

WordPress Step by Step Video TrainingWordPress is ideal for anyone who is looking for a little bit more control when it comes to their own websites. It’s important to consider the platform that you’re building your website on, because you don’t want to build the foundation of your online business on something that will not be supported in the years to come.

Beyond the basics, Word press also has a large community of developers and plug-in that programmers, not to mention tons of web designers who are WordPress savvy. WordPress isn’t going anywhere. But even if it were, when you have your very own copy of WordPress installed on your server you don’t have to worry about WordPress closing down its doors.

You need to know what version of WordPress to use. A lot of people understand that it’s important to use WordPress for their website, but don’t realize that there’s a difference between WordPress.com and having a self hosted version of WordPress on your own domain and server.

It can be tricky to know whether you’re using a WordPress.com site or your own WordPress, especially if you set up a domain on your WordPress.com account.

If you go to WordPress.com to log into your WordPress dashboard, you are using the wrong version of WordPress. Yes it may be a free site, but it is not going to get you very far when it comes to having a professional online business. You are limited in the theme and plugin options that you can install, and the site really doesn’t belong to you – it is hosted on someone else’s terms.

What you want instead is get your own domain and hosting provider, such as Bluehost. From within Bluehost, you’ll be able to install WordPress in just three easy steps. Most web hosts now provide free easy WordPress installations, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Once you’ve installed WordPress on your own server, you will have a lot more flexibility and functionality. When it comes to having your own self hosted WordPress site, you can install any number of plug-ins, themes and layouts, and you’ll be assured that no one can take your site away from you.

WordPress Step By Step Video: Setting Up WordPress

Click here to get started right now with Bluehost. This is an affiliate link, which means that at no extra cost to you, I will earn a small commission. I highly recommend Bluehost for anyone who is getting started, and if you’re ready for the big leagues and lots of traffic then I recommend WPEngine.

WordPress Step By Step Video: Getting Started

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Moving Your Website From Blogger.com or WordPress.com to a Self Hosted WordPress Installation

Moving your site over and migrating the data from another platform such as Blogger or WordPress.com can be tricky. Luckily I have an in-depth step by step tutorial for moving site to WordPress right here.

Choosing Your WordPress Theme Video

You can also read my Headway Theme Review, and see why I chose to build my websites using the Headway Theme. I’ve played around with most of the major theme frameworks out there, and that’s the one I recommend for people who want a lot of control of their website, and I even built a whole training course around using Headway to its full potential called Websites Made Easy.

How To Back Up Your WordPress Website Tutorial

If you have a WordPress website, and it’s not hosted on a platform like WP Engine, then you need to install the BackupBuddy plugin. You could rely on your host to make sure they have backups on hand in case anything happens, but having your backups on a local computer means you can be back up and running faster if you need it!

Keeping Your WordPress Website Up To Date Training

It doesn’t take long to hit the update buttons on

Capturing Email Addresses On Your Website

I’m often asked how I created a quiz for my email opt-in, so I recorded a video and wrote a how-to tutorial on the topic. Click here to learn how to make a quiz for your email opt-in.

The other frequent question that I get is how to add an opt-in box at the bottom of your blog posts, and luckily there’s a great free plugin that helps you do just that.